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Detoxmanic's JUDDD Dairy

S: 18st2lb C: 14st13lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 3st3lb(17.72%)

Well today is day 1 (or day 2 if you class yesterday as an UD!)

Only discovered this plan yesterday so got straight into and planned the following for today, a DD.

Natural fat free yogurt - 90 cals
Fresh blueberries - 50
Small apple, chopped - 55 cals
fresh mint
total = 195 cals

Homemade soup - thai style clear mushroom
(mushrooms, miso powder (12 cals per tsp), babycorn, celery, a few spinach leaves, lemongrass, lime leaves, fresh lime juice, chilli falkes, sliced ginger and garlic) - I weighed and counted it all yesterday and it came to just under 100 cals in total (93 in fact).

Steamed fillet of seabass - 109 cals
1/2 pack of mixed veggies (will steamed in a parcel with the fish with lime, soy sauce and coriander) - 41 cals
1/2 small tin of water chestnuts and bamboo shoots - 36 cals

Total - 474 cals

Not too sure what the cals are in the herbs and lime juice but given the quantities imagine it is fairly neglible.

I drink peppermint and green tea or water so this leaves me with around 60 cals for 'snacks'! :eek:

Have an apple in my bag in case I get peckish before I go to the gym but will try to resist otherwise I'll have nowt left for tonight! Or maybe will have half?

Was shocked as to how many calories in my breakfast - I usually have melon, grapes, blackberries and sometimes mango in there as well - roll on tomorrow morning! Will maybe have to look for a lower option for next DD although what I had was filling enough.

I had the soup about 2 hours ago so am now getting pretty
hungry!! Roll on the gym as that usually curtails my appetite for a while! Might have a Berocca tablet in my water there as just discovered only 5.25 cals :D
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S: 18st2lb C: 14st13lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 3st3lb(17.72%)
my JUDDD weekly plan will be

Mon - DD (as have SW weigh in on Tuesdays :D)
Tues - UD
Wed - DD
Thur - UD
Fri - DD
Sat - UP
Sun - UP (but not going mad)

This week I am away at a conference on Thursday and Friday so Friday will be difficult to have as a DD so I will just have to do something in between!
S: 18st2lb C: 14st13lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 3st3lb(17.72%)
DD plan for Wed 10 March


B - 30g Nestle Clusters with 125ml of semi skim milk (176 cals)

L - Pea and Ham soup (whole sachet 126 cals)

D - Sausage casserole (tomatoes, onions, butternut squash, fine beans, herbs and smoked paprika) will need to calculate this but the sausages are 61 cals each so will probably only manage 1 sausage!

(NB Had already bought food and planned meals for the week or would have had something different - other meals were too high for a DD!)


Gold Member
S: 16st6lb C: 9st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 7st0lb(42.61%)
Looks like good planning especially as you only decided on JUDDD yesterday.
Good luck with it, I always read this board so I'll keep an eye out on how you're doing :)

miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
S: 13st12lb
Sounds like you are doing well. I find if I have to have something sweet, I have a Mikado as they are only 11 calories. Hope you have a good UD tomorrow
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Great planning :D That's one of the juddd secrets, if you plan out your day it makes it that much easier if you know what you're having and when :) Looks like you're off to a great start!

Another great sweet snack is sugar free jelly, only 32 cals for a pint of it!!!!

Good luck x
S: 18st2lb C: 14st13lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 3st3lb(17.72%)
Thanks everyone

Not feeling too optimistic about 2nd DD tomorrow - have a working lunch where there will be loads of sandwiches - eek!

S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yes that's the great thing with juddd, it's quite forgiving and you can swap days around or use a MD (basically half of what you have on an up day) if you need it :)

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