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Diary Help Please.

Hi guys new to the forum & Slimming World, I have just joined Slimming World yesterday, and to hounest i cant make head nor tail of it, Im confused about the syns and the days.

So Far my diary today looks like this a mess!..lol,

breakfast - 28g bowl of Shreddies! Very little semi-skimmed milk.

Lunch - 1 boiled egg & 2 slices of medium white sliced bread. Glass of Diet Pepsi. 1 Banana.

Dinner - Spaghetti With Meatballs, The one in the 7 days to success! book., made with, Lean mince pork, Tagliatelle Pasta, Carrots, Celery, Garlic 4 cloves, Small onion, 400g Can of Chopped tomatos, fresh Parsley, After 1 Apple. Glass of Diet Pepsi.

Supper - 1 medium slice wholemeal bread toasted, 28g bowl of shreedies, Very little semi- skimmed milk, Cup of Tea, no suger.

F.I.T. 45mins walk.

Now my problem is this free food & syns when i look at the free food they contain syns, this is going to get some getting used to, So any advice i would appriciate alot, until i get to talk to my group leader next week...:( I have no idea how many syns im allowed a day, or how many i have used today...lol
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It was ment to be a green day, but not shure what day it turned into...lol, im just a bit confused at the moment as to working out the coloured days and syns...:confused:


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You have got yourself in a bit of a pickle haven't you. You seem to be having too may HEBs and getting confused between green and EE.

My suggestion would be to stick to EE as the information in your starter part is geared towards this. The recipes (including the one you did today) are fine on EE but not free on green.

Write yourself a list of all the foods you can have as a HEA, HEB and free foods and write them into your food diary sheet as you use them so you don't overcount.

Today you had:

Healthy Extra A - milk (but did you have your full allowance of 250ml?)

Healthy Extra Bs - shreddies x 2 servings

Syns - white bread (6 syns), wholemeal bread (3 syns), lean pork mince (3 syns per 28g if not extra lean)

Try writing out your menu plan for the day in advance and mark everything that is a HE and count the syns. Then you'll know exactly where you are and how many syns you have left to play with for treats.

BUt don't feel down about it, you'll soon get the hang of it and it will be second nature. It's like learning a new language - you don't become fluent overnight or by reading a book. You become fluent by doing it. In the meantime double check everything before you you eat it and ask loads of questions here.
Thanks Circes, You have been a great help.

Im Trying for a green day...lol

Breakfast - Banana

Lunch. Beans on Toast
This is how today's looks so far,Baked Beans in tomato sauce with 1 poached egg.

(hex-a) 1 small glass of semi-skimmed milk.

(hex-b) 2 slices of hovis wholmeal bread (400g small loaf)

This is ment to be my green day so far, So do i have to go and look at the syns for the semi-skimmed milk & the 2 slices of wholmeal bread....???


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Have you tried the food diary on slimming world website, it is very good and shows you where everything fits in your plan.you cant fill it in wrong as it does it for you once you plan your days food.
Right How dose this look today...;)

( Green Day )

Breakfast - Banana ( Really dident feel hungry this morning)

Lunch - egg fried rice, 28g frozen rice, (1) egg, peas, 28g Lean ham diced (Syns-1.5)
Fry Light (Syns - 1.0) tbsp soy sauce.

snack - orange & Muller Light. ( Not shure about syns in muller light)

Dinner - Baked Potato, Cr'eme Fraiche ( Low Fat) Syns - 1.5, Salad, Lettuce, tomato, carrot, onion.

Can anyone recommend Chrisp breads please.


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You're definitely getting there!

Really make an effort to have breakfast as it kickstarts your metabolism and get those calories burning.

Lunch - frylight is syn free so no need to syn it

Mullerlight is syn free as long as it doesn't come with a fruit layer or cheesecake bits in it.

You haven't had any HEBs yet - you should be having two - and what about your HEAs?

The Pagen Krisp Rolls are really tasty and you can have (off the top of my head) 3 for a HEB.

And I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record but ... more syns!
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Hex-a semi-skimmed milk, i allow myself a half pint per day, but i dont use it all as im not a huge tea drinker and i dont like coffee, so i would maybe have a small galss with dinner or put a little on cereal at supper time as this works better for me.

Hex- b, Cereal or wholemeal bread, I got some small cereal bars, so i'll have to sit down and check them for syns first.

dident realise i could of had 28g of chedder with my baked potato....lol

snack after dinner was an Apple and a Orange, coz i finally found a shop with good fruit. Just need to find decent grapes now...lol
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Had a real supprise today, i promised my little nephew that i would take him to Mcdonalds for luch, So i went in there and orderd a kids meal for him, the girl ask's me are you having anything sir, I said no im on a diet and dont want to mess it up, so i'll just have a diet coke, and i'll pick up a sandwhich and some fruit after, my supprise, The girl replies, McDonalds do a Grilled Chicken Salad, with 28g of grilled chicken, mixed lettuce, Carrot, Cherry tomatos, Only 2g fat, 0.1 saturates, I was kind shocked first, then said i'll go for that, And it was delicus, There was very little grilled chicken, but the salads was stunning, but remember not to use the sachet of Mayo & Vinnegeret that comes with it.......:D


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I looked up the syn values for you as I've heard bad stuff about the McDs salads being higher in fat than some of their burgers. If it was the McSalad (good grief!) Grilled Chicken without Ranch Dressing then it comes in at 3 syns on red and EE so not bad at all! Well done for not being tempted to the dark side!

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