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Diary - in which Hobbit plans to lose 10 stone


Just starting out
Well, this is the start of my diary. I have my first meeting next Monday, so I suppose Tuesday will be my first day with the packs. I have a few motivations to lose weight. I have a lot to lose so am breaking it down into two main goals and some mini ones to keep me motivated.

My first main goal is a family wedding in July. It would be absolutely fab if I could lose four stone by then.

My next main goal is my fortieth birthday at the end of November. Shall we open the bidding as to how much weight I will have lost by then? Go on, make a prediction and we will see who was closest in eight months time! :)

Ok, I have a third main goal, but it seems like such a long time away - I am getting married next year, so it would be nice if the remainder of the weight would be gone by then. I can hardly imagine that though, so am going to concentrate on more immediate goals.

I am planning to add a set of mini goals to my signature and am planning to measure myself (though suspect I won't be making those public! :rolleyes:)
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is Magdalicious
Wishing you all the best of luck for your journey honey! :)
I'm looking forward to reading about your journey.


...we're sinking deeper.
Wishing you all the best! :) Be strong! You can absolutely do it, this diet will TRY to push your buttons, but it's all worth it.
On average it's about a stone per month, so in 10 months you will reach goal. ;) As long as you don't cheat though!

You have some great occasions coming up to celebrate your achievements when they come! I'm sure you will look stunning on yoru wedding day! Well done on taking the first step of LL. The first step is ALWAYS the hardest!


Good luck on your journey and welcome!
Sexy xx
Good luck on ur journey xx
Good luck, looking forward to hearing how you get on, xx


No pain, no gain
Good luck Hun. Your going to look absolutely fabulous on your wedding day. Xx looking forward to reading about your journey. Xxx


Just starting out
I am going to see my LLC tonight and get started! I plan to start on Wednesday (got some things on tomorrow and wanted a clear start). So, one more day and I am joining you all.

I do hope I will look back at these early entries and think 'Look how far I have come'.


Skelator Here I come
You will hobbit!! At least were all going through it together and you're not on your own. I get weighed on a Wednesday so you'll have a weigh in buddy plus I'm only 2 weeks ahead of you!!!

Best of luck

Ask xxxx


Just starting out
Thanks Ask!

I know - two weeks is no time at all, but right now it feels like you are miles in front! It's so nice to go through it with other people though. xxx
good luck hobbit when u start wednesday.

and goodluck Jules for ur WI tomorrow x


No pain, no gain
Hey Hobbit. Have u started yet or is it tonight your picking your packs up.?xxx?xxx


Just starting out
I started today. Have had one pack so far, three glasses of water and two black coffees :rolleyes:

I started with the chicken soup - hmm - leaves a bit of a funny taste in the mouth!

I have my 'pop-in' next Monday. For some things I'd rather do a full week first and then (hopefully) be really bouyed up by the 'big first week loss'. I tell you, if I don't have a 'big first week loss' I'd be very upset! I'm sure I will though ;)

Will post progress as I go along. Was hard making the children's luch and not eating bits of it!

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