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Diary of a carb addict

Well this is my first entry, so hello! I am a newbie & have been looking around the forums and keeping a food diary on here seems like such a good idea I'm going to give it a go.

I'm also new ish to SW, so any advice would be very much appreciated :) I am an old Weight Watchers girl and succeeded really well the first time I joined when I had more to lose. However, I have never maintained & always get to 1 stone over my ideal weight & then start again......I find it a difficult plan to live by. So this is why I'm trying SW. I tried once for a few weeks back in 2007, but soon reverted back to my WW comfort zone.

But, after reading the forums I feel like SW is the plan for me.....I enjoy my food & LOVE my carbs, especially mash potato :) I'm not able to go to a meeting at the moment as we only have 1 in my neck of the woods and it's on a night when I have other arrangements. I do have the old books and think with the help if the forums I can get a better idea of the new plan. Do you think this possible or do I need to go to meetings??

I started the plan on Monday, sticking to green and all went well, until Friday. I went to see Take That and didn't eat anything before I went at 4.30pm. I then didn't get round to eating till catching the last train home at midnight and this was sandwich crisps and chocolate, this is to say nothing of the 3pts lager I guzzled during the concert, oops! So Saturday I dusted myself off and started again with a green day:

B: beans on 2x small wholemeal HXB This was late so I didn't need a snack before lunch.
L: bacon medallions HXB with pasta & tomato, veg & chilli sauce with 28g cheddar HXA
Sn: fruit salad & sugar free crusha with skimmed milk HXA
D: lentil & veg soup with rice, followed by, mullerlight fruit & sugar free jelly 0.5 syn Sn: alpen light bar 3.5 syn

So both HXA & HXB plus 4 syns, all in all very pleased!!! If my calculations are wrong by today's standards in any way please let me know, thank you :)
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Sunday's plan - extra easy, I think!

6:30am snack, can't face a full breakfast yet but am off to work: banana
B: couscous with half an apple, berries & l-f yoghurt
Sn: plums & half apple
L: pasta & tuna with loads of superfree salad vegetables l-f vinaigrette
Sn: 2x Alpen light HXB
D: meatballs and pasta in tomato (loads) & veg sauce topped with cheddar HXA followed by mullerlight & fruit
Sn: 175ml wine 6 syns (2nd time drinking booze this week - if you knew me you'd be impressed, my husband certainly is!!)

So that's the plan.....fingers crossed!
Oh dear :( all went to plan till I left work to see my Dad. It's his birthday today, so I got him his favourite cake. I did have a slice which isn't the worse, it's just the 4 x 25cl beer I had, i.e. 1 litre, that worries me!!

So I wont have the alpen lights but will still have the wine, just a smaller glass!

Cake: 11syns
Lager: 17.5syns
Wine: 5 syns

Total = 33.5 syns ...... oops.

All starts again tomorrow and the weigh in will tell me exactly how bad I've been!


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Well done to sticking with it despite a few indulgences.....I tend to give up and go on an all out binge if I overindulge....trying to stick with it this time. I too am a huge carb addict!

Good luck with weigh in, let us know how you do!
Hi nataby, thanks for your message. I did my weigh in at home and I've lost 2lb!!! Which is excellent, so I've drawn a line under the weekend and back to plan today....hopefully I won't be saying this every Monday morning :)
Monday - Green day

Sn: banana
B: fruity couscous with l-f yog
Sn: plums & alpen light 1/2HXB
L: lentil & veg soup
Sn: 1 slice wholemeal toast & jam with glass skimmed milk 1/2 HXB + 0.5syn + HXA
D: homemade chicken curry followed by muller, jelly & fruit HXB + 0.5syn

If I fancy either bag skips 4.5syn or sainsbury double take 5.5

Does writing down the planned diary in the morning make you stick to it more?? Hope so!
OK slight change - Extra Easy
All the same until dinner, hubby didn't want curry so instead:
D: chicken paella, lots of veg with a 1syn beer followed by yoghurt, jelly, 0.5syn & fruit
Sn: half small pack milky way magic stars 2syns

Total syns: 4.5 Not bad!!
slimjim79 said:
Hi nataby, thanks for your message. I did my weigh in at home and I've lost 2lb!!! Which is excellent, so I've drawn a line under the weekend and back to plan today....hopefully I won't be saying this every Monday morning :)
Well done, as you have just get back on it! I was drawn to your diary by your name...it's all about the carbs!
Ha ha too true! Love your name!!! I'm trying to limit myself somewhat though. I remember when I went to meetings (2007) my consultant said on a green day could just snack on supernoodles & cold baked beans and still lose weight.....didn't actually work as I just forged myself! Trying to learn to listen to my body and stop eating when full etc.... Still feeling very positive and not hungry!!
Today's menu- Extra Easy:

B: yoghurt & banana with glass milk HXA
Sn: fruit salad
L: tuna pasta with oodles of salad
Sn: warb w jam 1/2HXB 0.5syns
D: pork & veg stirfry with rice noodles
Muller, jelly & fruit 0.5syns
Glass of wine 5syns alpen light 1/2HXB

God did I need that wine, 15hrs at work, dog tired and grumpy!! Well not now I've had the wine :)

Brunch: melon, banana & satsuma followed by sauté potatoes, beanz, 2 bacon medallions, 1 old style quorn sausage & fried tomatoes (using fry light).
Does my fruit count tirades my superfree for this meal even though I ate it as a 'starter' hope so otherwise oops!!

TAKE THAT tonight!!!! So probably a dirty burger and a few pints of lager for dinner. I refuse to deny myself.....I will be as good as gold for the rest of the week.......... promise!!!

Will post the actual intake tomorrow
slimjim79 said:
Does my fruit count tirades my superfree for this meal even though I ate it as a 'starter' hope so otherwise oops!!
I think I meant 'as' not tirades, not sure though!!! Darned predictive text on the iPhone, always making me look stupid :D
Oooooooops, well I'm drawing another under it tomorrow, that's 2 lines in under 2 weeks!!! Still if I'm good most days it'll slowly come off hopefully! Take That was awesome, lots of walking and dancing so that counts for something I hope?? Stayed in London last night which was lovely and added a bit of culture to my life by a visit to the National Gallery today. Very nice but PACKED out by Harry Potter fans sheltering from the rain!!
Well yesterday wasn't brilliant! Green

B: fruity couscous & yoghurt
Sn: fruit
L: pasta, beans, peas & tomatoes
Sn: skips (4.5)
D: homemade burger with parmesan(1.5 HXB & 0.5 HXA) wedges with lots of salad & salsa
After: Czech beer (1) wine (approx. 10) & green&black choc (2.5) & alpen light (0.5 HXB)

Total syns 18 not too awful after all!!

Today's plan - extra easy

B: apple, half banana, half mullerlight
L: meatfree meatballs (free I believe?), in veggie & tomato sauce with a few left over wedges & parmesan
Sn: fruit, half muller & alpen light (0.5HXB)
D: pork & veg stir-fry with sweet chilli sauce (1.5) & rice followed by 'angel delight' & berries (0.5)
Sn: toast with jam (0.5)

Syns: 2.5 finish off the day with a curly wurly I think! = 8.5

Fingers crossed :)
Slight adjustments, had cheese on toast as a snack instead of alpen light so 0.5HXB & 0.5HXA

Just about to tuck into 20g of green&black (g&b) for 5.5 syns......so total syns = 8

All good :)
Checking in for today - extra easy

B: fruity couscous with yog
L: beans on toast HXB & salad
Sn: fruit salad & leftover stirfry (was starving!)
D: spaghetti bolognese sauce had loads of veg with Parmesan HXA followed by 'angel delight' 0.5 & fruit
Sn: curly wurly 6

Total syns: 6.5 :)
Today was an extra easy

B: fruit & muller
L: jacket with flora light (1) beans, salad & chicken
Sn: fruit salad & toast with banana HXB
D: meatfree meatballs, lots of veg & pasta followed by 'angel delight' (0.5) & fruit
Sn: skips (4.5) and G&B (4)

Syns: 10

My problem is late shifts, I find I'm hungry again after dinner by the time I get in at 10:30 ish. And I can never just go straight to bed I need to unwind....so I eat! Still 10 syns isn't awful!
Tomorrows plan - extra easy

B: muller & banana on toast HXB
Sn: fruit salad
L: chicken & couscous salad
.....then we hit a problem. I have a training session which involves us feeding each other with various bits of food....you have to be fed to understand the message, so we'll see could be syn galore :(

D: unfortunately proper meatballs veg & pasta with cheese from HXA.
I say unfortunately because that'll be 3 days in a row with pasta for dinner, I like to mix it up more than that! However, the meatballs were accidentally taken out of the freezer earlier so ho hum!

Drinks with friend: wine (6) possibly 2..

So will try and keep syns to zero for day & spend them on booze!! :D


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Just popping in to say hello! Love the title of your diary, know the feeling!

And I like to use my syns on booze too! Like you, I often get back from work very late, and have found that I can unwind with a can of perrier lime! It has the same 'dry' taste as beer, and having it in a can has a really satisfying sound when you open the can! I pretend! And it saves me from drinking at home...
Hi fit4hols thanks for your message. I will definitely try the Perrier & lime. I'm trying to save drinking for occasions, not necessarily big ones though! Just days off & if anything pops up in-between......but that can happen a lot. Ah well!

Yesterday ended up being about 25 syns, bad wine!! Off plan now till Monday as I'm away and will be eating and drinking to my hearts content & not thinking of the consequences!!

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