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diary of a chubmaster general

after getting on the scales and realising i was nearly a stone heavier then i thought i was shocked and cried and went to bed and refused to move for the rest of the night! The next day i realised there was no good moping action was required and i vowed with a friend we would loose weight together having a weekly weigh in on Friday! Its not even been a week and theres already been so many ups and downs!!! Yesterday was awful we had got free tickets to see Pretty Woman (awesome classic) in the cinema with free wine and popcorn! AGHH WHY IS WEIGHTLOSS SO HARD :cry:
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so heres my food from yesterday dun dun dun (impending doom)

bannana + orange juice - breakfast

lunch- sushi roll apples and grapes weight watchers chocolate caramel cake (only 84 cals and really yum from the pound shop )

snack 2 x choccy digestives

dinner (where it all went wrong) gin and tonic , smoked haddok rissotto (only a starter sized portion but it was still huge!!!!) spinach with parmasan (was really yummy and not many calories) followed by 3x white wine spritzers in the film. Luckily my beanpole of a boyfriend had come with me so i put the pop corn on his side and he ate it all! i only had bout three pieces that was such a bad day normally im good
Yesterday was a much better day no real temptations although was having major sugar cravings !!!!!

started off with a bannana for breakfast but dropped half of it so only ate half (50 cals) and a weightwatchers choccy bar (84)
lunch was late as i had a driving lesson ( i swear im getting worse) which was veg sushi (250) from sainsburys and a milky bar (150) (cravingssssss)
din dins was a piece of salmon that i overcooked by alot so only had half (150)with some carrots and hummus,(150) i also cooked the benpole a cuury but resisted eating any myself but did have two popadoms but at only 84 cals each so not to bad (164) and to finish off the day the last of my ww chocolate bars!! (84)i will have to go to the pound shop to get more

so my total today was du dun dun ...... 1082 (yaeee) buat am going to round it up to (1100)

Weigh in is tommoro and i really wanted to get to 10 stone 11 but dont think i will reach it! Maybe a last minute class at the gym will help xxxx
yesterday was pub quiz day aghhhh i did really well all day

breakfast - none
lunch - covent garden 99 kal soup milky bar 140
snack - kinder egge HA i love chocolate 110
dinner - omlette with onion and mushrooms and a tiny bit of cheese 300
snack jelly 10 calories yaeeeeee

3 * gin n tonic 250
1 white wine spritzer 150 ????

calories = about 1100 not to bad

Yesterday also saw me embark on a new gym class step and tone! it was really hard and id definately felt the burn but afterwards i felt great ! and then when i was in the pub i didnt feel tooo guilty. The actual pub quiz was rubbish with us coming 4th to last and the beanpole was vey drunk as he thought an omlette would be enough to fill him up too. He turned into what we like to call the avalanche where hes nasty and rude but quite funny. Sometimes hes rubbish at being supportive though - yesterday he said he'd buy me a top n a size 8 to make me loose weight *******o!

Anyway this weekend will be tough iv got a night out tommoro my exs engagement party (his fiance is super skinny) and im supposed to goout tonight aghhhh. On the upside i have a training session tommorow at the gym where a personal trainer is going to show me some good fat burning exercises.

Today was Friday weigh in and i'd lost 2lb putting me to 10st11 I was hoping for more but any loss is good loss xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Friday was a day off dieting so im just going to ignore it! was really happy with a 2lb loss am hoping for another 2lb this week! Had a personal training session today with Ian from my gym. Hes super nice but he works you hard my legs are still a bit shakey. Hes given me a fitness plan that involves a lot of weights and stamina but barely any cardio apart from to warm up! It really pushed me and i feel great from it, if a bit sweaty!!! lunch was a milky way (140 cals) and a sushi roll (185) in that order....

Im making mushroom pizzas for tea and then its the dreaded engagement party aghhh what to wear ???
saturday was quite a good day i had two mushroom pizza for tea and a 4 white wine spritzers for the party! All in all not bad! It was rubbish on sunday
lunch and breakfast 2x fishcakes 10 chunky chips - 800 cals
dinner 1/2 a pizza sahred with a freind - 500
one beer one wine - 400 so about 1700 which is about 500 kals to many !

To day so far has been ok iv had a tuna pasta salad box (some pasta, some salad) about 400 kals and a milky bar 150 kals!

This week so far has been awful ! so if i get a sts i will be happy but i really wanted to lose 2lb.

I tried on my denim shorts and i could get them done up (just) but before xmas they were way way to tight so i reckon in a few weeks i'll be in them again !!!! Come on denim hot pants !!!!

Valentines day today boooo beanpole had to run and get me a card as hed forgot - how romantic- and a keyring ? bahhhhh sometimes hes a right pain in the bum and the least romantic person ever !
yaee i have an avatar
yeasterday is tayed on plan and ate a bananaas well as another milky bar but then drank loads its the joys of valentines day !! so i reckon about 1500 cals yesterday deffo gonna be a sts week booo
aww thankyou its a long road but hopefully i'll get there i love alcohol to much to give it up :)
So yesterday was failrly good for lunch i had 8 pieces of sushi which were yummy and about 400 cals with a milkybar about 200 then a few olives 20 tea was a piece of salmon some spinach and a teeny bit of coleslaw so another 400 so ireckon yesterday i came in at around 1100 whooooo!!! Then to top it off i did a body combat class! it didnt work me as much as it should but it was still good !! Im still hoping for a 2lb loss the scales say otherwise!
OMg iv really let my food journal down this week ! so ill start from Thursday

Breakfast - banana
Lunch - sushi with a pack of walkers cheese and onion to celebrate passing my driving theory test YAEEEEEEEEEEE
Dinner - Tuna and spinach
Drinks 2 small white wine spritzers and a g and t
Then smacky claire as we now call her brought us theese amazing flap jacks so i had one of those !! such a bad day

Friday was WEIGH IN AGHHHHH but i achieved the impossible and lost a further 2lb s am now 10 stone 9 i celebrated for the rest of the day by eating junk culminating in a pizza orgy that night whoops

Saturday we decided to climb a mountain in North Wales we started at loggerheads then walked to Devils gorge then from there walked up moel famau ! I dont know what the hell route we did but it certainly wasn't the easy one i remembered as a kid we got to the car at 6 then went to the pub where beanpole bought me a half of cider and a huge pack of walkers aghhh then in my dads he plied me with wine and pizza again

Sunday - i couldnt move evrything hurt (it still does)

I had sushi for lunch
some carrots and hummous
an egg and some low kal veggie sausages (nopt quorn and were minging)
then low cal jelly with a banana

today so far so good an alpin bar for breaky and some special k bites and a nanana for lunch

Somehow this morning though i had put 3lb on, on the scales

The beanpole says im obbsessed and should just weigh myself on my weigh in day but i cant help gettin a sneaky look
yesterday was ok although i had proper food cravings in the afternoon

Breakfast - alpan bar 150
snack - special k sncky thinks 99
lunch 2 * ryvita with low fat phille - 250
milkybar 150
carrots and hummous 200
salmon with a little bit of mash 400

about 1250 which is about 250 too much grr i will get it down
I also went to the gym for an hour with the bean pole and did a good workout followed by a swim and hot tub ! Im feeling unmotivated this week and feel a gain coming im really bloated and feel minging hope fully it will go !

tonight iv got the cinema so i need to resist temptation agghhh
well iv been ill for the past few days so i wont write down what iv ate as i really cant remember much other than potatoe wedges! But i weighed in to day and had lost 1lb its not massive but its enough and to be honest i thought i would have gained anyway back on it tommorow Fridays my day off xxxx


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Heya, you seem to be making pretty olid progress, keep it up :)
They say to aim for about 1200 cals a day if you're losing weight, and if you're going to the gym then you can go a wee bit over just to keep your energy up, especially if you're going over by eating fruit/veg ;)

Best wishes for the week ahead.
Tjanks Pink its been a rotten week im still ill and even going up stairs sparks a coughing fit so as soon as i can breath again im back on it xxxx
Rubbish weekend i carbloaded to hell back on it now though will post up diary tomoz xxxxxxxx


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I love carbs, looooove them! Oh well.
Back on the waggon, hope you have a good week and are feeling better ;)


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Thanks Pink i love carbs too thats the problem !!!! i think i could quite happily eat them forever !
anyway diary from yeterday

lunch 2 rice cakes with philly 140
jelly 10 cals
milky bar 200

subway veggie delite 450 ( and i added a bit extra then on the subway website )

tea 2 quorn burgers 160
salsd cream 30 so about 1000 - 1100 yaee good day

In the evening i went to te gym and did the training session my pt gave me but im not hurting today boooo

Tonite sees the start of the 30 day shred, im excited you got burn it to loose it baby
Hi rosy! :)

Oooh, you're starting the shred tonight? Good luck, let us know how you get on :)

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