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Diary of a chubster

Diaries always help me - so will be starting a new weight loss diary to help me a long my way!

I started slimfast last wednesday, although fell off the waggon 2 days over this long bank holiday...damn you sunny weather and you pub for serving cold alcoholic beverages :mad:

So onwards and upwards (or downwards in the scales case!)

My first weigh in is tomorrow so i am determined to be super good today.

I've got 2 chocolate shakes made up to take to work with me (in the freezer come to think of it...better get them out!) and my snacks today will consist of 1 cereal bar (74 cals) and an apple.

Dinner is defrosting. In order to keep to my calories i've decided that ready meals are the way forward till i get into the swing of things - this way portion control is not an issue. So today i've got BGTY korma.

No alchol is to consumed today.

I've walked the dog round the lake already today - about 30 mins and will take him out for an hour later on today.

Going to spend my morning before going to work browsing the forums for ideas and inspiration :D
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Welcome to MiniMins! I'm on week 2 of Slim Fast now, and have lost 2lbs so far. I weigh in on a Monday. Don't worry about the slip ups over the weekend, we can't avoid special occasions forever! Well done for getting back on track, and good luck with your weigh in tomorrow! I also have a diary in this section as it keeps me motivated too :) I'm looking forward to seeing your progress so update often to stay on track! :)
Thank you :) I've lost a stone so far this year from calorie counting, but food is too tempting to me at the moment hence the slim fast :)

I've had my 2 shakes for today and 2 snacks...i'm a little peckish..but i'm putting that down to thirst, not actual hunger.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow :D


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Well done on the first stone, that's awesome! You're right, it probably is thirst. They recommend drinking 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day on Slim Fast, so make sure you're drinking enough and the hunger pangs should subside :) You've still got your evening meal to look forward to though, what are you having?
I survived my hunger pangs. it was thirst! nothing some lemon squash and a coffee couldn't sort out!

Dinner tonight is a be good to yourself chicken tikka marsala... YUM
I need help on my portion control at the moment - although i did measure out all my food for my roast last night. Cooking the OH pork and prawn stir fried rice (it's a favorite of his, he'll kill me if he ever finds out it's a weight watchers recipe!! - he doesn't 'do' diet food!) I could have had that, but he's a hungry lad and i'm being super strict due to weigh in tomorrow.


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Using ready meals for a while until you get the hang of it all is a great idea! Sorts out your portions, and you can easily tell how many calories are in it. Good idea :) and good luck for your weigh-in tomorrow! Let us know how you get on :)
Thank you!! Have to say curry was filling but left notso good of an aftertaste in my mouth... Washed it out with a mullerlight! Under my target for the day due to such low Cals for dinner.

Got some hot squash and that's in for me till after weigh in!
Wooo lost 3.2lbs in my first week :) shame it was part of the 4lbs i put back on in the last month! nevermind downwards downwards we shall go!!

Dog has been walked, shake no. 1 (vanilla) is waiting to take to work with a strawberry mullerlight for snacks.
Will nip home at lunch to make shake no 2. (strawberry) and check on the pup.

Not sure what to do for dinner tonight, possibly just have another ready meal...waiting for payday so i can meal plan and buy for low calorie dinners.

I love to cook so will spend the evening going through my various magazines,cook books for inspiration for the week ahead.
ideally it will involve 1 pasta dish, 1 rice dish, 1 mexican dish, a sunday lunch, one stir fry and a couple of bbq style dinners for good measure!!
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Congrats on the weight loss, that's brilliant! Your meal ideas sound very well balanced and yummy too! I'm the same, waiting for my student loan to come in tomorrow so I can go shopping for low calorie foods lol.
Thank you :) I'm super happy!! It's really working! (well next week will let me know how consistant i can be with it!)

Off to meal plan...just can't decide what supermarket to use this week!
Right meal plan consists of
Mexican lime chicken with salad (and rice for OH)
Seafood Paella
Marinated chicken with jacket potato and sweetcorn
Healthy ready meal (OH can have steak)
ham and lemon linguine
Beef in black bean stir fry
Homemade burgers with salad (in a bun and with chips for OH!)

Shopping will commence tomorrow evening will have a butchers for healthy 100 calorie snacks for in the week - sugar free jelly is a must!


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Your meal plans look delicious! I live on my own at the minute so I don't usually cook proper meals just for myself. I cook for my boyfriend once or twice a week, but other than that, I just have convenient meals like pasta and jacket potatoes, or a chicken breast with something (usually rice or baby potatoes). I really should make more of an effort, but it seems pointless when I'm on my own. And most things serve 2-4 people, so I get fed up eating leftovers all the time, lol. Ah well, only got 6 weeks left then it'll be back to my mum's cooking! :)
Thanks - i really like cooking!

I cut down the recipes so they only serve 2 - we used to cook for 4 and eat for 4!! OH can get away with it - he's a farmer and burns all his off. i don't!

BBC good food is a really good site for recipes. I freeze nearly all our left overs for homemade ready meals (unless they are dog friendly, then puppy gets them!)


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I should make more effort really, but I guess I'm just too lazy! Lol x
i go through phases to be honest, sometimes i love cooking and spend hours preparing meals other times i just want stuff i can fling in the oven and eat in 20 mins :)
Day 2 of week 2 on the diet is upon me. I weighed again this morning. I couldn't help it. down 0.8lbs! :) so that's 4lbs in total lost on slimfast.

Coffee shakes for me today, taking puppy to work so won't be able to nip home and make a different flavour. I should really be leaving now to give him time to have a run about before it gets busy, but he's snoozing on the sofa.

I woke up feeling rather hungry today, so have a cereal bar, apple, and mullerlight (224 calories in total) for any munchie attacks that might occur.

Dinner tonight is vegetable lasagne. OH is going to have a steak when i get a chance to go buy one!

It's going to be tough fighting the urge to go to the pub quiz tonight, but i've banned myself from the pub till i get to atleast 10 and a half stone. So 7lbs to go! I'm also budgeting pretty hard this month and staying out the pub means i am more likely to stick at it!

Don't know if i should food shop tonight or first thing tomorrow....i reckon shops will be packed...and have no food tonight!


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Well done on losing 4lbs so far, that's fantastic! :)
Thank you :) i am SO pleased!! I usually weigh everyday and record the wednesday weight on my charts - so going to do that i think!

Went to farm shop at lunch and I got OH his steak for dinner (and mini cheesecakes!) and i've got some veggie lasagne in the freezer for me...

It's now the weekend!! 4 whole days off work!! plenty of time for me to fit in lots of exercise :) wahoo


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You can't just have wine, surely?! You'll struggle to lose weight if you're under eating mind! Just trying to look out for you :) I think I've learnt my lesson from weighing every day after thinking I'd gained 5lbs this morning, so I'm going to stick to once a week from now on :)

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