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  1. Lauraf83

    Lauraf83 Full Member

    Right thought it was about time I started one of these things...

    Name's Laura, been "chubby" my entire life always size 14 as an adult. Gained weight at Uni and lost 2 stone at WeightWatchers but it took a whole year! Kept it off for 4 years, then went through a bad break up and ballooned up to 17st!!

    Bit the bullet in Feb 2011 and lost 6 stone in 7 months on LighterLife. I liked the absolutes of meal replacement, took the stress of choosing and cooking and temptation out of the equation. Ashamed to say I quickly put 3 stone back on. Went on Exante and lost 2 stone, then put 1 of those back on! Soooo infuriating to keep yo-yoing like this.

    I know why I gain weight, I know how to count calories and eat sensibly I just eat too much junk when I'm bored, sad, lonely etc!!

    So when my size 14 jeans got too tight over Christmas, thought enough is enough and ordered more Exante. Planning on doing it for a month and then switching to Slimming World as I know loads of people who've sustainably lost weight on that.

    Weighed in on 1st January at 189lbs (13st 7). Been 100% and tried to drink plenty of water.

    Weighed in yesterday prior to night shifts (3.5 days in) and was 182lbs!! Which is 7lbs already! Super pleased.

    Just wish I didn't feel so hungry!!

    Onwards and downwards everybody!!

    Laura x
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  3. Lauraf83

    Lauraf83 Full Member

    Oh totally forgot goal weight is firstly 137lbs, which will be a total of 100lbs since I first started, and then I will see if I want to lost anymore...

    L x
  4. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Good luck! xx
  5. KatieLouise23

    KatieLouise23 Full Member

    Good Luck! I look forward to reading up on your progress :) xx
  6. Lauraf83

    Lauraf83 Full Member

    Well I'm still being very naughty and weighing in daily.... Got up and hopped on the scales before night shift and another lb down, yay!! So am now 181lbs or 12st 13.

    Means I've lost 8lbs since Tuesday which is more than the weight I gained over Christmas. My jeans are already feeling looser too thankfully!!

    I'd like to say I won't weigh in again til Tuesday but I know I will!!

    Resolve still pretty good, although the hunger is still there grrr!!

    Keep going everyone!!

    L x
  7. Lauraf83

    Lauraf83 Full Member

    Phew, nights over. Absolutely exhausted physically and mentally, long shifts with v poorly patients. Plus I've got a horrible head cold, high temps muscle aches and runny nose!!

    Had to drag myself round tesco afterwards too.

    Mini victory however: Old me would have gone around feeling sorry for myself buying comfort food to slob on the sofa with, but I resisted, got home and had my shake!! Woohoo!

    Better be worth it in the weigh-in in the morning...

    Hope everybody's doing alright!!

    L x
  8. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Fantastic Laura you're doing really well :) Also my WI day tomorrow but iv also been naughty and weighed pretty much everyday since i started lol xx
  9. KatieLouise23

    KatieLouise23 Full Member

    Looking forward to hearing how you have done tomorrow hun xx
  10. Lauraf83

    Lauraf83 Full Member

    Thanks hun! Cheeky WI post nights nap was a STS from the day before, grrr!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow morning!

    L x
  11. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Well done hun, after night shifts I stock up on rubbish to munch on the way home, then eat rubbish in the day too for comfort food - such a bad habit!!
  12. Lauraf83

    Lauraf83 Full Member

    Well the results are in...

    Weighed in this morning at 179.2lbs (damn that pesky .2!)

    This means 9.8lbs in a week. Am obviously very pleased but can't help thinking if it wasn't TOTM and I didn't have this stinking cold then I would've hit the full 10lbs!

    Still, hope everyone's doing well, onwards and downwards!!
    L x
  13. snoozylou

    snoozylou Member

    Thats a fantastic weight loss! I have just started exante and I hope my first week is as good! keep going and you will be at your target in no time!
  14. Bailey

    Bailey Full Member

    That's fab :) It took me a month to lose 12lbs last time, so almost 10lbs in a week is amazing :)
  15. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Well done hun fantastic loss xx
  16. KatieLouise23

    KatieLouise23 Full Member

    That is a FANTASTIC loss!!! Well done xx
  17. Lauraf83

    Lauraf83 Full Member

    Thanks for your support everybody!!

    Gonna try not to weigh in again til next Tues... Wish me luck!!

    L x
  18. Tigs

    Tigs Gold Member

    Fab week 1 weigh in Laura well done
  19. Getting Slimmer

    Getting Slimmer Full Member

    Well done on your fantastic loss

  20. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    That's an amazing weight loss hun, well done! You should be really proud xx
  21. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Same here hun im also trying not to weigh until next week xx

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