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Diary of a Maintainer

Hi All :flirt2:

Decided to start this little diary because i have been maintaining for about 5-6 weeks but i have recently been on holiday, although i had very good intentions (took my scales and my little measuring spoons which i didnt even look at) i put 5lbs on :cry: Although much deserved because i ate like little Miss Piggy Curry, Pizza, Chinese, Chippie Fish and Chips... the works haha

Although i have stuck to plan since Saturday and exercised 3 times i havent seen much results yet so wanted to write it all down so i can monitor so here goes (all comments very welcome :D)


28g Porridge
Muller Light Yougurt (Magic Porridge)

Early morning snack
Bowl of chopped strawberries and Grapes
Half vanilla muller light yogurt

Bowl of Superspeed Spicy Tomato Soup (Tomatos, onion, carrot, fresh garlic, stock cube, passata, herbs etc)

SW Syn Free Chilli loaded with SF foods (Onion, mushrooms, peppers) May attempt to have more veg on the side. HEA allowance of cheese on top
Boiled Rice 1/3 of the plate
Chopped Strawberries and half of Vanilla muller light yogurt

Have been told to attempt to have syn allowance i usually have 10 so i will cut it back to 5 so will proberbly have 2 oreo biscuits (5 syns)

Hope this is ok :sigh:

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As you are now a couple of pounds above top target you just need to go back to basics to lose those few pounds so don't think it's really a good idea to cut back on your syns too much.

Hi Denise

Thanks for your comment. So what do u think just one HEB and one HEA (I was having two to keep me at target) and load up on SF foods? I was having 10 syns a day but was going to drop it to 5 syns is that not advisable?

Thanks xx
Ok so I have have had above my breakfast/dinner and just about to start cooking my rice/veg to go with my chilli (I made that yesterday) will also have strawberries as above but already had my other half of yogurt at work as my belly was literally rumbling...haven't felt that in a loooooong time haha ;-)

Not going to have the two Oreos as I had a Alpen light chocolate fudge bar (3syns) so toying between sticking with 5 syns or just have 10syns? What do u think??

Also I want to make a note of my exercise so biked (fast pedal) to the incinerator and back on the canal... I think it's a mile there and a mile back and took me half an hour. ;-) yey getting faster but boy do my legs feel like jelly so hot bath(am in it at the moment haha) then tea time yum super hungry again xx
Food diary today

Two boiled eggs
Two wholemeal toast (HEB and 2syns)

Harvester simply chicken breast with jacket potato and peas (asked for no oils or butter) loaded up on lettuce, onion, peppers, beetroot and carrot. Half ladle of low fat dressing (0.5syn)

Strawberries and yogurt

Bowl of superspeed spicy tomato soup
Two pieces of dry toast (HEB)

Syns - 5.5
2.5 as above
3 syns Alpen light bar

UPDATE: exercise was a high impart cardio aerobics for 45mins
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Just a quick update couldn't resist so weighed myself at work (I only weigh at work so yo keep to the same scales) as I couldn't wait until Monday but I have lost 2lbs WHOO HOO yey that's amazing hopefully keep too it and this time next week I will be back to my target that I was pre holiday binge and I will know for next time to not go too crazy whilst on holiday haha ;-)
Ok so food today was

28g porridge HEB
50ml whole milk 1/3 HEA
Grapes on top

Midmorning snacks
Grapes and two spoonfuls of muller yogurt

Superspeed spicy tomato soup

SW chips, 2 SW fried eggs and beans (also 28g of reduced fat cheese 2/3 HEA)
Pineapple and two spoonfuls of muller yogurt

Syn snacks
Aplen light bar 3 syns
Oreo cookie 2.5 syns
Total syns 5.5
21st May 2011

Two boiled eggs and two slices of wholemeal bread (unbuttered) 1 HEB

Midmorning Snack

Superspeed soup (tomato, onion, leek, pepper, carrot, beans, green lentils, split lentils, mixed beans, stock cubes and water) - didn't have any parsnips at aldi DOH

Strawberries and half a muller light yogurt

Schezuan chicken stir fry 2/3 will be superspeed foods (onion, peppers,mushrooms,baby sweetcorn,sugar snap peas,courgette,chlli,garlic,ginger) 1/3 dried noodles - OMG this was amazing 1 syn for the whole thing so split out between 3/4 portions do not worth worrying about that.
Also had some prawn crackers 10g worth for 2.5 syn and pleasantly surprised at how many u got for that amount of syn value. And 42g reduced fat cheddar as my HEA as I didn't have it this morning as originally was having spag Bol today...very random but tasted lovely

Dessert grapes/strawberries

Prawn crackers 2.5 syn
Oreo cookie 2.5 syn
Total syn 5

Exercise : 45 mins Pole Dancing
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Ok so food/exercise for today was:

28g porridge HEB
150ml Whole Milk HEA
Chopped Strawberries and Grapes (sf)

Super Speed Soup (sf)
Orange (sf)
Apple (sf)

Garlic(sf) and Balsamic roasted Chicken Breast
Rosemary SW Roast Potatos
Steamed brocolli, bns, Carrots, Leeks and Pea (sf)
0.5 syn for Gravy
Half a muller light yogurt
Grapes (sf)

5 syn 5 tabs of Galexy Chocolate
0.5 gravy
total syn 5.5

Exercise : about 20 mins on the pole far to cold in the drafty master bedroom because its in the extension and we have no window in there yet as the building has only just been put up haha will try and upload a photo later for you all to see haha
Will get on the bike tomorrow to bike to and from my aerobics class to make up for today.:D
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Just weighed in at work and have put on a lb this weekend (although through the week its a lb off) but so gutted dont know how it happened i have loaded up on the super free fruit/veg and stuck to 5 syns a day so unfair :-:)cry:
23rd May 2011

After my little cry/rant before I have picked myself up so onwards and upwards I go :)

28g porridge HEB
Muller light yogurt - magic porridge
Chopped strawberries and grapes

Morning snack
Chopped grapes and half toffee muller light yogurt

Fat free chilli super noodle
Veggie Bol on top (White onion, red onion, peppers, courgette, mushrooms,tomato,passata,garlic,herbs and stock cube)

Afternoon snacks

Spag Bol 2/3 packed of super free veg as above but with mince
1/3 spagetti pasta

5 syn - 5 tabs of galaxy chocolate
7.5 syn - 28g pre measured cadbury chocolate (from a Easter chick)

Been naughty syn wise especially with the chocolate which means it's def TOTM lol but will make up for it with no syns today...hopefully :)

Exercise - 45min high cardio aerobics...couldn't manage to bike there and back because my muscles are so aching from the pole (which they do when u first get back on) took all my energy to actually attend aerobics haha
24th May 2011

2 boiled eggs FF
2 wholemeal bread HEB - no butter
Orange SF

Easy morning snack
Chopped strawberries SF
Natural yogurt - FF

Jacket Potato - FF
Veggie Bol - SFF veggies galore
Chopped pineapple - SF
Natural yogurt - FF

Lasagne SFF galore with HEA cheese top
SW chips - FF
Side salad - SF
Apple - SF
Chopped strawberries - SF
Natural yogurt - FF

Syns (yup I didn't resist lol but was good considering)
5.5 syn kitkat 2 finger bar
Total syn 5.5

30 mins on the pole forgotten how much it makes your muscles ache when u have a break from it OUCH lol and I have a very unattractive blister on my hand now eek lovely :)
25th May 2011

:break_diet: fallen off the wagon eek and it started off so well...

3 egg omlette (no milk) FF
Mushrooms SF
Apple SF

Fat Free Chilli Noodles FF
Left over spag bol on top mostly SF

2 Orange SF
1 Apple SF
S&S Mug Shot FF

Mexican Homemade Burger
Onions SF
Peppers SF
Mushrooms SF
Cheese HEA
Wholemeal Bap HEB

And this is where it all went wrong

Snickers bar ??
16.5 syn x3 Kit Kat 2 finger
9.5 Syn Cadburys Caramel Egg
7.5 syn 28g Cadbury chocolate preweighed (meant to keep me good lol)
5 syn French Fancy
38.5 syn (plus snickers) EEEEEEEKKKKK

But my excuse is i have the lurgi and TOTM so had to have chocolate feast snuggled up on the sofa. Oh well i think it might be repairable if i dont have any syns for the rest of the week. tech weigh in on a monday so i have 5 days to pull it back.... achievable right??? i hope so haha:cry:
26th May 2011

Still have the lurgi :-( but have managed to be good but haven't managed to do any exercise boo :-(

28 porridge HEB
50ml milk 1/3 HEA
Chopped pineapple SF

Morning snacks
Apple SF
Orange SF

Tomato and herb mug shot FF
Apple SF
Orange SF

Mexican burger (no bun) SF
"fried" mushrooms & onions
2/3 cheese HEA
Salad - lettuce, onion, peppers, carrot, cabbage, spring onion SF
SW chips
2 tbsn E/E light Mayo syn

Chopped pineapple SF
Natural fat free yogurt FF

1 syn for Mayo
Total syn 1

Zero mins :-( will get back too it next week when I feel more human
27th May 201

28g porridge HEB
150ml whole milk HEA
Grated Apple SF

Morning snacks
Apple SF
Orange SF

Grilled chicken FF
Salad - lettuce, onion, peppers, grated carrot, beetroot SF

Afternoon snacks
Apple SF

Chicken stir fry (onions, peppers, mushrooms, baby sweetcorn, sugar snap peas, garlic, chilli, ginger SF)
Dried noodles FF
19g prawn crackers 5syn

Chopped Strawberries SF
Fat Free Natural Yogurt FF

5syn prawn crackers
5syn galaxy chocolate
total syns - 10
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Going to a wedding today so staying on plan is going to be difficult. I have decided to drive as it's quite a drive from outhouse so that's one battle won. I am having a full English for brunch (bacon, beans, toms, chesse from HEA, "fried" eggs and two wholemeal bread HEB) so that should keep me full.

Likely going to have soup, a roast and dessert at the wedding so will have the soup and no roll, then have the roast cut off the fat and stock up on veggies and avoid roasties... Depending what the dessert is I might not be able to resist but I am just going to write off dessert and not think about that as it's my treat. Then I i will take some fruit snacks with me for afternoon/evening snacks. Not sure how to tackle the evening buffet thou eek haha

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