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Diary of a Pint Sized Pretender

Good Morning fellow CC'ers!

Whilst I'm not new to minimins or calorie counting, I haven't posted properly in quite a while. But now I've decided to end my career as a long-time lurker and start my own diary to help me stay on track!

So a little bit about me: I'm nearly 22 and 5ft tall. I'm what most people would call slim (in fact I do have a healthy BMI) however, I was always the chubby one at school. When I reached the age of about 16 I slimmed down a bit (most likely due to the 2 hrs of walking everyday to college and back!) However I have gained a little weight since then and would like to feel a bit more fitter and firmer. I only have maximum of a stone to lose, but I'd also like to tone up a lot more too.

I started a couple of weeks ago and have lost 4lb, however this could have been so much more if only I'd stay on track at the weekends!

I'm aiming for 1200 calories a day and will try to keep them as healthy as possible. I've also started kickboxing and go twice a week, but I'll try to add in some more exercise on top of that too.

It's my birthday in two weeks tomorrow (cue squeal of excitement - I'm such a kid!) so my short term goal is a rather simple one - lose 2lbs and be under 8st for my birthday. Once all the celebrations are out the way I can concentrate on losing the remaining 7lbs or so and focus on my fitness.

I hope that keeping a diary of what I eat and what exercise I do will encourage me to make the right choices as I know I'll have to come on here and confess afterwards!

So, enough about me, is there anyone else on the board who only has a little left to lose? Any tips?

Wish me luck! :)

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Welcome and good luck :)
Good luck :)
Thanks girls!

Well yesterday went fine:

Breakfast: Porridge made with water and sweetened with honey (162)
Snack: Muller light vanilla yoghurt (95)
Lunch: Half a chicken wrap (150) Large banana (121)
Snack: Nectarine (56)
Dinner: Homemade large chilli, without rice (603)
Drinks: Tea x 4 and squash (67)

Total: 1254

Exercise: 1 hr Kickboxing

I'm probably vastly overestimating the portion size I had for the chilli, but I'd rather estimate higher than lower.

Overall yesterday went fine, however it could have been better. So my thoughts from yesterday are:

  • Eat something more substantial at lunch time
  • Drink more water

These are the things I will be concentrating on today.

Tonight I'm doing some overtime until 8 at work so I won't make it to the gym, but I've got kickboxing again tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone!
Hey! Good luck with your weight loss, you have the right attitude and your menu sounds lovely!

I have a lot to lose so I probably can't advise on how to maintain after a certain point but I will check in and see how you are doing! X
Hi Little Noo!
im the same as you, need to lose 1 stone & have a healthy bmi, but my body shape just isnt right i want to get rid of wobbly hips&tummy.
i think the less you need to lose the hardest, well in my case! ha
well done on 4lbs!
look forward to your next w/i

jade x
Thanks for your replies girls!

So yesterday's menu was:

Breakfast: Oats so simple made with water, 1tsp honey (162)
Snack: Muller light toffee yoghurt (97)
Lunch: Sushi from Boots (241) Apple, kiwi and strawberry pot (38)
Snack: Large banana (121) Nectarine (56)
Dinner: Innocent veg pot (319)
Drinks: Tea, squash and diet cream soda (70)

Total: 1104

Still didn't drink enough water yesterday so I'm going to keep trying to up it.

The lunch I had from Boots was very yummy and I may even have it again today!

I've got kickboxing class for an hour tonight and then tomorrow I've got the house to myself for the evening. Plan is to do a bit of housework, pamper myself, then sit back with a glass of cider (because I'm classy ;)) and catch up on everyone's diarys. Then on Saturday I'll be up at 6am to go into work to do some overtime (needless to say when I finish I'll be coming straight home to bed!)

Hoping I can stay on track this weekend as the last two weekends have been massive fails!!

Hope everyone has a good day!
Very very busy day today!! Work was manic, then I went kickboxing (was going to give it a miss as no one else was able to come with me, but forced myself to go and I'm really glad I did!) Then I came home, had a shower, scrubbed my kitchen and made dinner! Phew!

Anyway, luckily I've still made time to eat well, here is my diary:

Breakfast: Oats so simple made with water, 1 tsp honey (162)
Lunch: Sushi from Boots (241) Apple kiwi and strawberry pot (38)
Snack: Muller amore strawberries and cream yoghurt (216) Go Ahead biscuits (147)
Dinner: Skinless chicken breast (220) mixed veg (40) gravy (15)
Drinks: Tea, squash and watervit water (72)

Total: 1151

Exercise: 1 hr kickboxing

I'm going to go into work early tomorrow so I can finish early and spend the entire evening relaxing. Normally I would treat myself with a huge bar of chocolate or order a pizza in, but I think i'll just see if I can pick up something that feels naughty but fits in with calories.

I've also decided to quit my gym membership. Seeing as I'm going to kickboxing twice a week, I don't really get a chance to use it. And if I want to I can do some weights at home or go for a jog. It's a lot of money (£35) to be wasting each month!!

Hope everyone had a good day! x
Ok so not been around for a few days, here's how it went:


Could have been worse. Ended up on 1412, 212 over. This was due in large part to a pub lunch where I had pasta with two slices of garlic bread and a J20 (155 cals - OMG! Won't be having one of those again!)

Anyway, seeing as I had the house to myself all evening and usually would have snacked a lot I think I did ok.


OK, i'll be honest... It was BAD! I was up at 6am to go into work for 7 to do overtime, and ended up snacking on jaffa cakes at work. Then I had a granola and fruit krushem from KFC because everyone else was having greasy breakfast rolls from there. And then I went even more downhill and had two bacon rolls for lunch, lasagna chips and garlic bread for dinner (carb overload!!) and then lots of mini brownies!! Not good!

Didn't put it into MFP (I'm too scared!) but it can't have been good.

Sooo today I'm trying to redeem myself slightly, although I do have massive cravings for naughty food!

So far I've had branflakes for breakfast and a mushroom burger for lunch. I should have around 600 cals left for dinner so I'm hoping I'll stay within my limit today.

Really hoping I have even a slight loss tomorow - OH has just let me know that he is taking me to Rome in a week and a half for my bday and would really like to be under 8st by then.

Anyways, I'm off to have a look at everyone else's diaries.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Good luck for tomorrow!
Loving your diary!
your weekend is just like mine i overdosed on BBQ food just cause everyone else was there & didnt want to seem like a bore.
I think other ppl can really have a big impact on what you eat.
the bbq wasnt added to MFP for the fact that i lost count of the amount of food i ate hahah!

Good luck with getting back on track & dont forget your water!! :) x
Thanks Bostik, Squeezy and Jade! Jade - I'm still doing utter crap on the water front! TBH, I've not really been trying very hard, so thanks for reminding me!

Well I guess my death-by-carbs weekend hasn't done too much damage because I managed to lose 1.5lbs last week! Yay!

If I can just lose another 1lb this week then I will be under 8st for my bday! Fingers crossed!!

So quick overview of yesterday:

Breakfast: Branflakes with skimmed milk (166) Tea (13)
Lunch: Tesco soft white roll (175) mushroom burger (155)
Dinner: Spaghetti and quorn meatballs in a Gordon Ramsay sauce (581)
Drinks: Tea and squash (49)

Total: 1139

Today the dreaded jaffa cakes made a reappearance, followed by a subway. However, I've got 408 cals left for dinner so as long as I choose something relatively low cal I'll be within cals.

Pub lunch again tomorrow - will probably have a jacket potato, or something that can be classed as being vaguely healthy, and a diet coke.

Well done on your loss! You can definitely get to that goal by your bday! Go for it! :D
Thanks Bostik!

Can't believe how well you've done looking at your signature! You must feel amazing! I'm sure I read on your diary that you're fasting atm - how is it going with CC'ing? Eid could be falling on my bday this year :)

I'm lucky in a way that I've only got 7-10lbs left to lose, but apparently these are the hardest ones to shift! All in good time though, and I'm sure that come xmas I will be happy with my body - because I point blank refuse to make YET ANOTHER new years resolution to lose weight. It just aint gonna happen!! Hehe! ;)
If you are struggling with the old water intake, try adding no sugar squash to it. Goes down much easier. I only have it weak, and I never bother counting it. Just really helps when you're struggling. :)
Thanks Squeezy,

I sit at a desk all day so really don't have much excuse not to keep chugging the water, except that when I feel thirsty I generally fancy a cup of tea, and I also hate having to use the bathroom every 20 mins - especially when we are really busy at work!

I will try and fill up a 500ml bottle with weak squash twice a day at work, have another 500ml bottle at kickboxing, and then another 500ml at home in the evening, and that should be a good start :)
Missy - weekends are just awful! And it's always really hard to get back on track after too! We'll get there one day though ;)

Yesterday's diary:

Breakfast: Branflakes and skimmed milk (166)
Snack: 4 jaffa cakes (184)
Lunch: Subway (380)
Dinner: Pumpkin raviolli (330) napolentana sauce (89) tomato and garlic flatbread (245)
Drinks: Tea and squash (62)

Total: 1456

Over by 256 calories yesterday, could really have done without the jaffa cakes or the tomato and garlic flatbread really. Never mind though, at the end of the day, I still counted, I didn't binge, and I'm below maintenance calories. Plus I'll burn off just slightly more than that in kickboxing tonight, so it's all good :)

Think I'm not going to eat at the pub today though, just to make sure I stay within calories, so I'll grab something from boots on the way back to work.

Today is going to be a busy one - I have a meeting this morning then the rest of the day at work will be busy busy, then straight to kickboxing, then home, shower, dinner and bed!

Have a good day lovely miniminners!! xxx
Hey. Just been having a peek at your diary. I am a maintainer and lost my weight by CC'n then switched to SW to maintain but still use MFP to CC what I am eating as well.

Your Diary looks great and like you and the rest on here I struggle with weekends...had a really bad one this weekend eek but was good yesterday :) I try to stick to being food Sunday through to Friday afternoon and then Friday afternoon until Saturday night I generally have what I want but not sure if that's a good thing after this weekend haha.

Going to Rome for your birthday sounds amazing...when do u go? X

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