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  1. mcv

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    slimming world
    i was interested to read nannis diary because i too am taking champex.

    I satarted smoking when i was 16, i went away to college, lived in college halls and was lucky to have the biggest room, so every one crowded into my room and i started smoking for 2 reasons, smoke has always made me feel so sick but if i am smoking it doesnt, and i was desperate to fit in and telling my new found friends not to smoke in my room was a no no. I gave up smoking when my hubbie and i decided to start our family about 9 yrs ago, then 3 yrs ago we went on holiday with friends who smoked and we decided we would smoke of an evening and that would be it... but it never is is it... here we are today still smoking.
    over the past 12 months we have tried to give up about 3 or 4 times but hubbie and i have never really been in sinc either he is focused and i wasnt or visaversa.
    This time we are both reading from the same page. we have been to the quit smoking clinic and started champex 10 days ago today is D day:D
    Over the days i have been taking champex i have naturally been cutting back smoking less, yesterday i only had 4 fags all day. It doesnt seem to be working the same for hubbie, he has still been smoking as usuall.
    And i think he has found today alot harder than i have, but he's hangin on in there and i am hoping every day will get a little bit easier.
    Tomorrow is Monday and i know getting back into the normal daily routine will be hard, for me the hardest is the first morning fag, and for hubbie he will struggle all day because his co workers smoke.
    Slight side effects from champex is nausea but nothing too bad, i havent had sleepless nights, or nightmares, am a little irritable but i think that i would get those if i was going cold turkey, so i can put up with it
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    Hi MCV
    I have been there loads of times and have been a smoker for around 35 years, I got hypnotised about 2 years ago as I was fed up smoking. Everybody I knew thought I was mad as it cost £150 and it is guaranteed for 2 years, Well believe it or not I stopped for six months no problem and only started after a mate died ,this has been the pattern on and off for the last 2 years, I stopped over 2 weeks ago now and am not going back, Dont give up trying it will be worth it I can guarantee you , My partner is still smoking which doesnt help but it aint an issue now because i am going to get fit now ,good luck
    Just on another note new research has found 50% of smokers will get cancer at some stage
  4. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    Well today is day 17, and things are going fine, dont get me wrong it has been hard, going to see a no smoking councillor has helped, discussing where we find it hard and looking at practical ways to help.
    I honestly thought my hardest time would be my first cigarette of the day, because no matter how hard you try you cannot change the routine of getting up, sorting the children and doing the school run and what set me up for that was a cuppa T and a fag!! but really thats been the easiest.
    Every thing relates to having a fag.....
    Get up have a cuppa and a fag... take kids to school, get back have coffee and a fag, take dog for a walk come back have a fag.... getting in the car, going to work, specified fag breaks all require having a fag.I used to bribe myself with fags, ie. if i do this much ironing i will have a fag break, have a fag while waiting for the floors to dry once i had mopped them. After meals have a fag have a cuppa oh a fag would go well with that.
    According to the therapist all traces of nicotine are out of the body by day 3 so after that its the habbit that is being craved not nicotine and the psycological side is harder to over come. Which is why its important to change habbits/routines.
  5. mcv

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    slimming world
    Noticable things that have changed..... Friday i had £20 in my purse today i have £15.67p if i was smoking that would of all gone and some. Petrol lasts longer because if i have £20 for fuel i now put in £20 instead of £14 to leave enough for fags as well.
    Sugar free polo's give you the shits if you eat too many:8855::8855: no seriously they do!!
    I dont spend as much on tea, coffe, sugar or milk because we are not drinking half as much as we did when we smoked.
    I am the worst ex smoker ever, infact my hubbie says im very rude, we have friends that smoke and i tell them that they stink:D which they do and if some one bluntly told me i stunk when i smoked i think i may of thought more about giving up.
    I can smell it a mile off, i was driving behind a car today and i could smell the driver infront was smoking, then sure enough his fag butt came flying out of the window.
    Now im not thinking about it so much, i am going to turn my focus back onto slimming world.
  6. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    and actually today untill this point i havent even thought about smoking once.
    so i have decided now to move my focus back to slimming world.
    I rejoined tonight and am delighted that since giving up smoking i havent gained weight whoop whoop !!
  7. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    Its one week on and obviously its 4 1/2 weeks now and doing fine, still think about having a fag now and again but hardly anthing.
    I have shifted my focus back to slimming world and this week i have lost 3lb i am so thrilled :girlpower: and am rather proud of myself :D:D
  8. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    Seven weeks now and some times I still get strong cravings, not very often but at the most strangest of times. Supposed to be taking 2 champix tablets a day and only ever remember to take one, because if I take the second one any later than 4pm I can't sleep. Still got a few weeks on the tablets I just hope coming off them will be ok
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