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diary of a tubby girl!


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day 1

14st 11.5lb.. god it seems such a lot written down, but i wont be this weight for long i hope...

starting at day 1 today, after ive taken my niece and nephew to school so about 9ish....its my niece's 8th birthday today and ive been roped into helping tonight at her party at.... PIZZA HUT!! i wont be eating, just helping with 11, 6-8yr olds.. not done that for 10 years, my youngest is 16!! :eek::eek:

im doing this weightloss for me, i need to take food out of the equation and understand how much i ate, why i over ate, wether it was just greed or bordum and i think this cd will help understand that

so off to get sorted, get the oldest up for work etc etc
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just had the apple and cinammon porridge, ewwwww dont like it!!!
i have 2 more to get through but will have to force them down lol... cant wait until i start the shakes.
dont think i'll be getting the porridge again!!

off to change money for the jollydays keep myself busy...


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yummmmm strawberry shake down and 1ltr of water!!

the waters stopping me being hungry, but ive just realised its not HUNGER its greed, theres food there and i want it, its the flavour and taste i want....im sat and WANT to eat, but im not hungry...

i think ive made a break through, after 1 morning, is that even possible?

i know i needed to take food out of the exuation but it shows when you start something like this it actually opens your eyes to everything..

off to drink more water and find something to do!!


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well ive ironed, i actually like ironing!! sad i know!!!

ive just had a phone call, i have a job interview tomorrow so looking forward to that now, hope i get it now could really do with it.. we shall see


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day 2......
did i drink enough water yesterday... nooooo
am i going to drink enough water today ... yesssss

did i want food yesterday ... sort of!

well im having a banana shake for breakfast, and its nice!!
need to start on the water, not to keen on plain water so need to go to sainsburys and buy flavoured water, i also find it easier to drink water through a straw, go figure!!
Hey hun,good luck on your journey.Your a similar height to me and similar weight that I started at just over 3 weeks ago! You will be out of the 14's in no time!!
You sound like your in "the zone" just make sure you stay there as best you can.It is so hard when you have really stressed out day or the weekend comes,they can be hardest as generally most of us would go out for a meal,order take out and a bottle of wine,so it is really hard,but its for such a short space of time.
I've nearly been doing this for a month and I just can't believe how quickly its gone and how good I have been(24 days at 100%)
Keep writing your diary,I know it helps me get all my thoughts down!
Good luck again xx


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Thanks Rachy.. youve done so well on your journey, i wish i was a few weeks into it!!

did i drink enough water today.. nope, not even close :sigh:
will do better tomorrow!!

i tried the apple porridge again tonight with extra water and i must say its actually palletable so think i could manage 1 or 2 a week!! thanks to the girls who reccommended it..

how come when you start cd all you can do is think about food, smell it, think about it, try not to think about it.... but a few days before i started it i was raring to go, knew i could do it, didnt think food was as important if you know what i mean.. i obviously didnt realise HOW big a thing food was, how much i ate, i realised today how much i get up and pick, graze eat all day long without even thinking about it!

well im going to try and have some more water now, and go to bed in a bit!

i have a sulking dog thats moping around because my partner has gone to work tonight and wont be back til tomorrow night so shes sulking lol!! like a kid with no sweets!!!

anyway, off to drink water!!

back tomorrow
Hi hope your hanging in there. Great diary but u do know flavoured water is not allowed as can prevent ketosis Hun? I go for freezing cold sparkling water especially as ur Tongue goes funny from about day four I find it revives it a bit. I have even been having a peppermint tea at breakfast as different flavour and gets more liquid in ya. I struggle drinking 2.25 litre a day some do 4 litres and I do not know how. I have to use an app on my phone to help me add it up. Does help tho. Keep at it tho ur doing great xxx

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well im up!! not quite awake but up!!

feel really tired today, didnt sleep very well at all, but hey hoo never mind!!

my asthma seems to be playing up big style today, because the weathers changed and it keeps raining, then sunny, then rain...i love my nebuliser at the moment!!

plans for today, shower in a sec, get kids up and sorted, drop them off at college and school.. shopping, cleaning, dog walking!!
i actually went to the petrol station yesterday and ONLY bought petrol and a bottle of orange juice for the eldest.. id usually of bought sweets !! im only good lol...

breakfast, decisions decisions, banana, toffee or vanilla? hmmmm strawberry it is then lol!!!

i didnt realise about the flavoured water Katie, thanks for the heads up on it, plain water it is!

off to drink water!
I am awake too as my niece was born in middle if night yeahhhh. Can't stop weeing as it is so can't face drinking just yet lol. Have a good day xxx

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OMG Katie
congratulations.... i bet your over the moon

big hugs and welcome to your brand new niece.. lots of aunty cuddles i think!!!

have a wonderful day xx


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half a litre down!!! lots done this morning, showered, lunches done, dog fed, half a litre down!!!..

making lasagne for tea, just because i cant STAND lasagne so i know i wont be eating any, whats left will be frozen!!
Good thinking re lasagne. I have loads of work to do book cases to empty and then start painting my study. I must send hubby out for sparkling water supply. I get 250ml glass bottles as goes colder in fridge and isn't as daunting to drink xx

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annoyed, angry, could scream... all rolled into 1!

i gave in, ive been a pig... bolognase, skips, bag of chicken pieces.. and why?

GOD knows coz i dont have a clue...

it was there, i wanted to do it, im greedy, i wasnt even hungry f.g.s....

i HATE this feeling now... so im back on the water, and plenty of it, my last shake will be about 6pm ish and i will NOT, repeat NOT let it happen again


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4pints down today.... still annoyed with myself but im not going to beat myself up about it...

im just goin to carry on with the water and get back on the programme, remember how i feel now and not do it again..

at least its opened my eyes as to why i ate as much as i did today, not hunger just greed, i didnt NEED food, i wanted it, i was bored etc etc..
so i can now draw a line under it and start again!!

think i may have ballsed my 4lb loss up...


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im as happy as a dog with 2 , well u know what!!!

after yesterdays farce and me eating rubbish i honestly thought id sts or put a pound on, so was prepared this morning to have my hopes crushed!!

i weighed this morning because i hoped that it would keep me going, but honeslty if i say a gain id of been gutted .. but i didnt.. im down another 1.5lb... so thats 5.5lbs in 3 days!! so im happy, seeing the scales going down again this morning has given me the kick up the butt that i need to get back on the plan and keep going with it..

im also NOT going to weigh myself EVERY morning now, im going to do it every 2 days, so hopefully its more of an incentive to watch the scales go down...

anyway im back on the programme, and sticking to it 100%..

busy day today, cleaning up, my best friend is at a funeral so im going to pick the kids up from school and nursery they keep me going, i love having them here! we lost contact for many many years because of her now ex husband but got back in contact last year and its like we were never apart.. shes more like my sister than a friend...and i love the kids to bits!!

off to drink more water and get back into it!!

have a good day everyone


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well 2nd shake down, yummy banana!! just need to drink more water now, i seem to be slacking on that front...

i know ive only lost 5lb in the last 2-3 days, but i can see a difference, i dont have a big belly, just a little pot!! and the muffin top is going down fast!! and my face looks thinner!! i might be seeing things but i KNOW i can see it!!

i cant wait until the closer get a lot looser now, seeing the scales go down this morning has really given me the kick to keep going because i was going to give up after yesterday.. I WONT NOW....


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i know i said i WOULDNT weigh in every day and i was sticking to every 2 days.. i caved lol!!

another 1lb down this morning

im now 14st 5lb so thats 6.5lb since wednesday

now i KNOW the weight loss slows down after the 1st week, and you dont see a loss EVERY day but thats when i'll go down to every other day weigh in because i WILL be disappointed not seeing them go down each day!!

all i wanted last night was BACON....did i give in..... NOOOOOO WAYYYYY and im soo pleased with myself!!

anyway onto another day ....

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