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Diary of my fresh start to a new me!

So guys, im starting a diary. I will be brutally honest and say ive been playing at the diet for the last week. Ive stuck to it mainly but had AAM most nights...altho ive not been strict and have occasionally thought "oh i'll have this, what harm can it do"

So tomorrow is a new Day 1 for me.....and this diary wil hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow.

I can do this, i will do this, and there is no room for any more errors!

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hopefully this will help you get where you want to be, its easy to slip into bad habits as we all know, and all to easy to lie to yourself. we've all done it Im sure, and sometimes being brutally honest gives us the kick up the bum we need!

good luck with the new you!
good luck baby star, can i just ask what AAM means?


Grumpy Old Git
I'll be keeping my eyes on you young lady.....!!
Thanks everyone. Your so right, it is easy to slip back in to bad habits.....

AAM is "add a meal" :) most people have an AAM week every 4 weeks or so (i wanted to get to 12 weeks tho)

Ooooh mike, i hope u do hehe, i need some watchful eyes looking out for me!
Day 1

So day one again for me. I have 96lbs left to lose. This is the first day of my fresh start to a new me. I went to bed with a good feeling about today....and woke up refreshed and raring to go.

I havent felt this determined even since i first started. Its all positive, and i cant wait to get going properly again.

As im typing this im having (and enjoying) my first pack of the day....strawberry milkshake. I make it quite watery and i love how its a subtle flavour rather than in your face strawberry! YUM

Something else i had started lacking in...was the amount of exercise i was doing. SOOO this morning i enrolled myself into a local Zumba class for every sunday night. And as of today i will resume my rowing machine regime, starting with 20 mins a day.

Hope everyone else is gettin on good :) xx
Ok so im so not lovin not bein in ketosis. Just been food shopping and am soooo hungry!

Had my second pack a wee whiley ago, Vanilla shake with spoon of coffee, yum.

Hoping the next few days so quick so i can get rid of the headaches....grr. My own fauly really but hey ho.....

Im thinking Veg soup about 7.30 then bed lol
bravo! once ketosis kicks in it will be so much easier... i did the vanilla with coffee, it was good :)
hope your better soon babystar keep it up hun your doing fab x
So the headache is gone. Just had apple and cinnamon porridge (i have a few left over from when i did cambridge diet so using them up along with my exante products)....it was just what i needed!

I kind of wish exante had a porridge option, but never mind!

Today going well so far.....not long until ketosis now yipee
i know i am doing not wrong - but on day 3 now and its so easy, I dont know why i am finding it so easy, i am just waiting for a hellish day to come and smack me round the face! LOL

I dont feel hungry, I have no headaches, no nothing, I am tired in the morning but I have never been a morning person tbh.

I dont want to eat to be honest, I havent eaten anything so far today - and dont really fancey it, this is normal for me where I used to skip breakfast and lunch and have a take away the size of a small town for tea along with crips and dip!

I will have half a bar and a shake in a bit, soup for tea and half bar in the evening

water intake so far be gettign 2.5L a day so on the lower side of the acceptable range.

sharon x
Oh thats fab sharon, glad its been easy! I was like u too, could eat nothin alll day but then have a massive takeaway at night, then crisps, and biscuits...and and and....lol

Im not hungry today at all, just really thirsty...and hopefuly thats the last of the headaches too. I always find the first 3 days rough tho, so i expected that xx

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