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Diary: Quest For The (10) Stone.

Hello everyone,
I started Exante TS yesterday. Although not technically, as I'm still waiting on my bumper pack to arrive. So I've been making do with Complan shakes. I had 3 yesterday, along with about 3lts of water. It went well. No hunger.

Today however, I've had a headache since I woke up. Finally gave in and took 2 pain killers. Although i'm sure the headache is down to not drinking enough water, which is something I need to work on.

Having mild hunger pangs but nothing extreme. Just wish I had my pack so I could nibble on a bar and actually "eat" something. Hopefully it'll come tomorrow!!

Start weight - 15st 1lbs (pesky pound.)
Size - 16.
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Hi Dance Magic!

Welcome and good luck on your weight loss journey. I found the first few days really tough but it gets easier after day 4 (Says me the expert who's been on the diet 8 days lol :D)

We've got a simular amout of weight to loose so I will follow your diary with interest! x :)
Thanks guys :)
I just received an email saying my pack will be delivered tomorrow, thankfully! I've heard days 3/4 are the hardest, so I'm just focused on staying strong and getting through those. I'm really hoping I get a good loss for week 1, but I don't want to get my hopes up!

Do you have a diary Nicki?
Yep, it's Nicky's weight loss diary (I think)! When reading, you might have to ignore my moaning, I've used it to have a rant on a few occassions lol!

Glad your packs are on the way. It will make it easier for you to get into the swing of things! Well done again on day 1 - bring on day 2!! ;) xx
Haha, i'm sure i'll be moaning by Thursday/Friday, if ketosis hasn't kicked in yet! I've got a dentist appointment on Thursday, so I'm actually hoping I won't go into ketosis until Friday. Don't want bad breath! x
Hi dancemagic

Well done for starting early.. now that is commitment!! It's really exciting when your box comes, it's like sifting through your pressies at Christmas lol. Good luck hon, I'm sure you'll do great
Thanks Keely :)
I had got myself so worked up about starting on Monday that I just had to go for it. Packs or no packs. Just received an email saying it'll be delivered by 16:30, which means I'll be having soup for dinner! Yay. Just hope it's nice. ;)

So, i'm currently on day 3. I've been feeling pretty good apart from starting my TOTM. I really hope it doesn't affect my loss too much as week 1 always seems to be the biggest.

Not suffered from a headache at all today and any hunger pangs are minimal. My hands and feet are like icicles even though it's pretty warm and sunny outside. Hopefully this means i'll be in ketosis by tomorrow! Finger-crossed.

I thought I would find it much harder to stay away from temptation (especially as I work in a supermarket.) I've actually found myself losing interest in food altogether! Don't get me wrong, I still love smelling it but I don't have the urge to eat it.
I'm hoping my determination stays this strong!
Thank you. :)
I feel really in control at the moment, but it's early days and i'm sure i'll have the odd hiccup along the way.
My bumper pack just arrived and I squealed like a child on christmas morning! Can't wait to open this bad boy and see what's inside.
I hope I like everything..or most things. It'll make life so much easier!
Hiya and welcome to the wonderful world of Exante lol...

Getting ya BP is such a relief cos it means ya know your on ya way to slimdom lol..

Hope you enjoy the flavours...i still havent been brave enough to try the mushroom soup yet as i dont like it at the best of times...Glad to report that all the other flavours are really ok and even nice..

I do spice the soups up a bit with herbs etc but on the whole nothing has left a nast taste in my mouth...Other than ketosis lol..

Good luck again we have a very similar starting weight so i will follow your progress with interest xx
Day 4.
I took the chocolate orange bar to work with me this morning. Oh. My. God. I love it. It's delicious. Felt so good to chew on something. Had to eat it in 3 parts though as I found it really filling.
Tried the chocolate shake for lunch. I drank it within 15minutes, like the pack suggests and it made me feel STUFFED. So thick and creamy. Reckon I'll add a bit more water next time though.
I found i've been unable to do no.2's since I started exante, so last night I took some dulcoease. Well, it worked. haha. I feel much better. Stomach cramps have gone and I feel lighter! ;)
I think i'll try the tomato soup tonight. I'll have some pepper and seasoning at hand!

On a completely unrelated note; Today I had my first check up at the dentist for about 6 years. Wasn't too bad. Just need 3 fillings re-done. Also going to get a scale and polish, which i've heard is lovely. Actually looking forward to my next appointment.
looking forward to going to the dentist????? That is a concept completely lost on me I'm afraid lol

Well done on your great start though. I seem to be the only one not in bloody ketosis yet grrrr lol
I've always liked the dentist, since I was a child. Don't know why. Call me a masochist! haha.

I'm surprised I went into ketosis yesterday, I really didn't expect it to happen. I think most people wait until the 5th day before it happens.
I'm surprised that my breath isn't stinky, I can taste the strange-ness though, which isn't pleasant. I carry around a mint spray just incase though. haha.
How are you getting on today?
Hi Dance Magic, you're doing really really well! Does the supermarket you work in pump that freshly baked bread smell around :eek:??
Yes! As soon as I walk in the building i'm greeted by the gorgeous smell of freshly baked bread. One of my favourite smells in the world. I hope I don't end up ransacking the joint :eek: lol.
:8855:If it was me I'd probably crack and there'd just be a pile of crumbs where the bread display once was :17729:


Loves Minimins long time
OMG there is NO WAY on Earth I could work somewhere with fresh bread smells...x
I catch myself staring at all the bread as I walk past. Especially the french baguettes. I just want to sniff them. Still not having the urge to eat anything "naughty" yet. But it'll certainly be difficult when it comes, being stuck in a supermarket!