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Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by kaceyboo, 13 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. kaceyboo

    kaceyboo Silver Member

    Decided a diary is the way forward in this woe so I will start with a little intro!

    I'm Pam, 32 and I'm married with 4 kids. Ive tried every diet out there and tend to fail at all of them ?. I'm currently 17.9 my heaviest being 19.4 yuk! So I think a lifestyle change is the way forward!

    So managed one fast day on Thursday, was planning on another today but work was so busy and there was a buffet, didn't go mad but would have been way over the 500 cals. Pretty peeved at myself for not saying no tbh but it is a pretty uncommon thing at work so went with it.

    So fast day tomorrow for sure!!!!!
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  3. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Silver Member

    Hello i am newish here myself after having a break from fasting dont recognise many on here now.
    Looking forward to following your diary :)
    Dont worry about today thats the great thing about this diet we can pick and choose which days we do :)
  4. kaceyboo

    kaceyboo Silver Member

    Thanks! I know I need to get out of the. '**** I've blew it mode' and realise it's not true! Lifestyle change!

    Good luck on your fasting! Do you have a diary?xxxx
  5. kaceyboo

    kaceyboo Silver Member

    Well first fast day of the week today, I'm working 3.30-7.30 so shouldn't be too bad. Menu goes like this,

    2 coffees and skimmed milk


    Ww meal with veg
    Sugar free jelly

    Loads of water

    Wish me luck!!
  6. kaceyboo

    kaceyboo Silver Member

    So my day didn't go as planned , my mother in law died at 11.15 this morning so fast went out of the window x
  7. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Hey beautiful, how's things? Xx
  8. kaceyboo

    kaceyboo Silver Member

    Hello chick! things are finally calm here so fast day tomorrow! Gained on the scales but it's not suprising with what I've eaten and drunk xx
  9. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Glad things are ok, I'm fasting tomorrow too x
  10. kaceyboo

    kaceyboo Silver Member

    Brilliant! You always amaze me with your willpower. Need to find your diary xxx
  11. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    It's in juddd diaries called attempt 2 xx

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