Did I mess up?


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I am on CD and yesterday we went to the Zoo as it was unplanned I did not have any packs etc with me.
However, my mum brought a green salad with no dressing and some plain skinless chicken breast so I had a plain chicken salad with vinegar.
I stuck to water all day and only had a maximum of 90g of chicken and maybe 90g of salad. I have not come out of ketosis but as it was not part of my AAM I wonder if I have really buggered up.
Sounds like a fantastic result to me. A lovely day out including a meal with Mum. Still in ketosis too. You should feel proud not worried and remember how well you dealt with the sticky situation. Enjoy the memory of your day. I think it's really important to feel positive on this diet and you have a lot to be positive about as I'm sure will be confirmed on the scales at next WI.

Dizzy x
Dont worry hun like Mandy said your choices were good and it wont take u out of ketosis.
Maybe u could get some tetras to carry around with u in your bag or car so if u get caught out longer than u expected then u will always have a tetra on hand.
Well done 2 u for not eating rubbish food,u need to be well proud of yourself for that,take care and have a nice day xxx