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did my breakfast make me hungry ????

was getting a bit sick of a hot style brekkie , so yesterday i had some raspberries with a tiny bit double cream

had prawns and salad and mayo for lunch then ................

OMFG ..........i got hunger pains , and then the cravings started

so i had some fatty pork and spring greens for tea , thinking that fat would help ........

well it didn't , was pacing around all evening in and out the cupboards looking for something carby , luckily i don't buy crisps any more or a 6 pack would have went no problem

never had a day like that since i started atkins .............could it of been the sugar in the berries ??????

need some ideas for a light brekkie if anyone has some

thanks xxxxxxx
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I don't know the answer to the hunger pangs Jo. Maybe Jim will know. It's not near your TOTM is it? As I know I get really hungry when I'm coming up to it. Strange what hormones do to us.

Instead of a hot breakfast, what about some cooked meats and cheese for breakfast. Or smoked salmon or cooked meats with soft cheese in the middle and rolled up.


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Have you tried the egg and sausage muffins? They are handy to keep in the fridge and qiucly pop in the microwave and only 1 carb each. I pick at cold meats and cheese as i dont really get hungry in the mornings. What about a low carb/protien shake. These are nice but can stall some people. Linzi has a sero bar (similar to an atkins bar). If your not on induction berries are ok to eat. As long as you count in the carbs it sould be ok. Oh and to kick those cravings, try some diet coke.


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You have got to try the muffins :D
i made the muffins last weekend , they were lovely , got some in the freezer

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In the book it says to forget about what's traditionally thought of as 'breakfast' food, and open your mind to eating different stuff for brekkie. So you could have smoked salmon or parma ham with a bit of salad, or left over veggies with a bit of cold meat or cheese. Or just veggies on their own if you don't feel like protein in the morning.

Have you tried oopsies & MiMs?


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not sure how many raspberries u ate -- but 1st week of induction I ate 1/2 cup blueberries and got in to ketosis right away...

I even had soy milk -- just counted the carbs...

good luck -- and f you're peckish -- make sure u have snacks!!! atkin friendly that is (oh yeah and drink loads of water to fill ur tummy!)
i struggle with brekkies too, hot or cold though.....

i normally run around like a looney in the morning.....get to work relax and then find im hungry....

so normally have a bag of pork crunch for mid morning brekkie..x
I used to get that during induction Jo, I just ate more meat, that seemed to do the trick for me.

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