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Didnt realise i was so blind

So today I had a good old clean in my bedroom and sorted loads of clothes out for charity.
I found some beautiful stuff that I used to wear and some underwear that this time this year looked ok on me.
So I made the mistake of trying it on. I'm 1.5 stone heavier now than I was then!
I haven't felt comfortable in my body for years but it seems today was the first time iv actually looked at myself in the mirror and I was horrified by what I saw.
It even made me cry, lots and lots :-(
I don't understand how I got to this and how I let it happen n now I'm soooo mad at myself.
It's really knocked me for six and I don't even want to think about getting into bed with my oh tonight :(
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your losing weight now dont let it get u down coz for me thats when i reach for th choc keep strong and keep the image in your head of what you will look like not what you did look like or look like now - i know its hard but it will get better i'm starting sw after doin weight watchers a few year back and iv'e gained 3 stone in the last year!
keep strong hun :)
bless you laura, we all have a wake up call, this is yours, use it to get yourself motivated to get rid of that 1.5 stone and back into your gorgeous clothes.

remember your Oh loves you as you are so get into bed with him have a big cuddle and cry if you want to, tell him how you're feeling

you'll find that theres lots of people on here who have altered body image both feeling bigger than they are and the other way round,

we all get used to how we look and sometimes get shocked into realisation.

you've already lost almost a stone, thats fantastic, just use this as motivation,

take care and feel happy :) x


Determination is Key
Ah yes, it's never a good thing to try on clothes that used to fit lol
And I know how heartbreaking it is. I have jeans that used to fall off me that won't go past my stupid thunder-thighs lately haha.

But hey, you've already lost 13lb, right? So that's 13lb closer to goal, and 13lb that will never be there again. Plus, it's thirty pounds of fat that you worked hard to shake.

Don't feel sad thinking about the rest of the journey, instead look forward to arriving!

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