Diet Angels - any goal welcome :)


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After having a lot of support and fun from our Christmas thread I'm atarting another support thread.

We called ourselves Angels last time - hence the name.


Please join and put any goal you want to.

Mine at the mo is just to get down to what I was before my disatrous Christmas. Then I will have a re-think :)

Big hugs and lets make 2009 a slim one..

Can we do it?? Yes we can!!!!!!!
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I will join too!
I have two goals :-

The first one is to get past day 2 this has always been a problem for me

The second is to lose 3 stone which is half my long term goal!!

Good luck with all your goals and im sure we will keep each other updated!

Lou x


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great idea for a thread,

well my goal is to complete a full week for now and get in to the 14 stone arena...... once i reach this ill post my next goal.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Welcome Angels :)

So please to see you, I have just up-dated my tickers as I actually put on 14 lbs over Christmas in the end, I am so upset but thought it best to come clean!!

So my first goal is to get back to 17 stones 7lbs - am really hoping it won't take too long..


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Too right wannabe10 - it comes off so quickly with CD :)

feeling really positive and can't wait for ketosis lol


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Hello! Can i join in?! ....

Hi all,

Hope you dont mind if I join in...Im Cat, Im 29 and Im going for my first meeting with my CDC tonight, and am super excited about starting the diet...I am turning 30 in July, and after years of trying various diets, Im starting CD sort of as a last resort!

I have lurked on these forums for ages, and I am really inspired by peoples enthusiasm and achievements! :0clapper:

I hope I can get to know some of you, and join you on your weight loss journeys, and be as successful as you all seem to be!

Cat x


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hi all, hope u don't mind me joining in, i started on saturday 03/01/09 and weighed 15.7 would like to be under 13 in 8 weeks times(jus weighed myself at it shows 14.11 most of it water i beleive) so sat here it's possible....don't have any other mini goal would just like to be under 13 ( even 12st 13 llbs would do!) any way good luck to you all. (great thread by the way)


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Can I join too:

Goal 1 : to get past 2 weeks as I really struggle getting there!
Goal 2 : to lose 50lbs by Easter which will take me to goal!
Goal 3 : to maintain for 1 year:
Goal 4 : to maintan for rest of life!!!!



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Hi there ... mine will be getting to 10 stone , I started 2nd and hoping to get to goal soon . So count me in


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Welcome to you all :)

Feeling fired up and enthusiastic :)

It's great to hear everyones goals ...

I'll be on and off of here tonight as I need the support right now :)


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i gained 2lb over xmas period, which i'm fine with, so my goal is to lose 21lbs to get to maintenance


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hey, my goals are

goal 1: stick to the diet 100% and get into ketosis
goal 2: lose 1 stone before 6th Feb
goal 3: weigh under 9 stone 7lbs
goal 4: fit into size 10 clothes


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Can I join too??

I'm on day 4 and my goals:
To get back in my 16's for my birthday (currently a size 20 and my b'day is 23rd March)
To be able to wear a pair of shorts that don't ride up between my thighs on holiday in October 2009


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well same here Jessie, can't believe I put 14 whole lbs on in the end but I did :(

determined to get it off tho :)

Hi all,

Can I join in?

My goal is to lose one stone by the end of January (which is the stone I put on in December - grrrr!!!) :grumble:

I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things (but had almost forgotten about the constant tiddling! How many times a day???!!!) xxx


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Hi Karina and Angel..

I know what you mean Wannabe10, I have to stop drinking the water about this time otherwise I am up all night!! Old bird that I am lol