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Diet Coke / Coke Zero / Acusulfame Potassium

Hey all,
I know that on LT you drink water and leaf teas and black coffee. But does anyone know what is the effect of drinking diet minerals?

I'm downing at least two litres of sparkling mineral water a day (because I really can't stand the flat water) and plenty of tea, but I do love coke zero (in moderation, I've got to stress.)

For those who don't know, Coke Zero is basically the same as diet coke, but with much less aspartame.

So far, I'm finishing day 6 and haven't noticed any problems myself. (weight loss is on schedule, in ketosis, no hunger pangs)
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Sparkling water is fine buy you can't have any other diet drinks including diet/coke zero. This is apparently because of the citric acid in it.
as above i find it easy enough to keep away from it tbh

mrs bee

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oh i miss diet coke.........

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interesting thread.. on CD we're allowed coke zero but not diet coke.. didn't know what the difference was between the two..


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OKay, so it's a no-no. But it's not because of citric acid. There isn't any in it. (As far as I can see.) So does anyone know what the reason is? I'd heard Aspartame could have an impact on ketosis, hence no Diet Coke on any ketogenic diet like Atkins. But still, not sure.
i would of thought it would only be trace amounts of aspartamene
if i could have coke zero I could do this diet with my eyes closed! but no as far as I have heard and read and been told... NO COKE... not one drop... not even if its diet or zero!
also no dilute as well even zero sugar ones lol ah well
ok, new recipie.....add 2 teaspoons of coffee disolved in a little hot water (add sweetner to taste), a pre made peppermint tea, some soda water and your lipotrim.....bingo! a vile new drink which if nothing else will take your mind off the pepsi zero for a little while :)

If it's not been approved by LT HQ you're running a risk by chancing it. Coke - in any form - is not allowed when on Lipotrim. If you're still curious you can email LT themselves about it.
as in the aspartame, well, the lipotrim shakes are full of it so wouldnt think it is that.. thats one reason why i was a little reluctant to go on lp or cd as they are full of aspartame, but hey.. i think it is mainly because in lipotrim they want your palate to be as bland as humanly possible to stop cravings.. your tongue will taste the sugary taste and maybe crave something else.... also it is detox, so if you are getting the things your body loves it is going to want more of the things you love... aspartame is a worry though.. I mean it is banned in some countries and they are looking into banning it, but the companies who make the stuff have so much power.. for all of those who dont know what it is or some of the effects it is deemed to have, dont google as it can frighten the lights out of you xxx

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