diet coke &dr pepper zero


hi all mt cdc says its ok to have one can of either of these per day has anyone else been told this and are they having it thanks:confused:
I do drink the Coke Zero (not diet coke) as my CDC told me that was ok but I tend to limit it to a glass at dinner time when I'm preparing my sons dinner - have found it does stop me picking.

My OH pointed out the Dr Pepper Zero on Friday night but I'm not a lover of the normal Dr Pepper but I presume they've made the same changes to that so you could probably have it in moderation.
I'm going to allow myself a coke zero a day also as I think it'll help me contain my sweetie cravings!

Lynne x
Coke Zero doesn't contain Citric Acid. It's citric acid that can effect ketosis. So long as the Dr Pepper Zero doesn't contain citric acid, it should be ok. Hope this helps!
Although drinks with malic acid are less likely to kick you out of ketosis, all of these drinks need to be treated with caution. The flavouring used can lead to cravings, so even though you are still in ketosis, it can cause some problems. No more than half a pint per day, drink more water to compensate, and be very aware of how it makes you feel.