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Diet Coke v.Coke Zero


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My name is Sharon and I'm addicted to diet coke. (lol)

So, after 3 days of not having it the caffeine headaches have kicked in and I think I may possibly kill someone at work.

I can't drink tea or coffee, and I've read a couple of places on this forum that you can have coke zero as a treat, does this apply to diet coke too? (not sure coke zero would hit the spot!)

Or should I stick with it and chew a small child instead?!
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I think coke zero is the one to go for really (I prefer it anyway) BUT i have had the occasional diet coke when out and it hasn't had an affect on me. The official rules are 'no' to both though so be carefull!


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Maybe they should start selling it in shots!

I'll see if I can get through this afternoon without maiming anyone.

It's good to know that even if it is officially bad the option is there and I won't die or explode or anything.


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I was addicted to lemonade and couldn't image life without it, but funnily enough I haven't had any and I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms, I suppose it's because it dosen't contain any caffein? N'way the thing I couldn't go without is coffee and am glad it's allowed just the way I've always had it, black with no sugar!
Coke Zero is the one that has no carbohydrate or citric acid, so if you were to have any, this should definitely be the one to go for. I have this as an occasional treat :D


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Coke Zero is the one that has no carbohydrate or citric acid, so if you were to have any, this should definitely be the one to go for. I have this as an occasional treat :D
Does diet coke then? That's sad!
when I need some coke, I go with the coke zero one as its got no citric acid and I remember reading somewhere that one could have 660 mls max a day.
Had a can last night, it was that or FOOD!!


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Coke zero it is then - when faced with the choice!

I may learn to like it as much, never know though!


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I'm not on the CD but used to be a diet coke addict and because it was diet coke and I didn't think I drank too much of it I thought it was ok. I didn't drink litres of it but had to have some every day (usually a 500ml bottle lunch time and a couple of cans in the evening)

I had hypnotherapy to try and change my eating habits and I managed to kick my diet coke addiction (didn't stop me eating chocolate or crisps though !!)

Since I've stopping drinking it I've found that I don't crave sweet things like I used to and I've been told it's because the aspartame actually makes the body crave sugary things.

I did try Coke Zero but it didn't hit the spot like an ice cold diet coke.


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You sound just like me!

Maybe I'll hypnotise myself out of it. I never thought it could be that that made me crave sweet things!


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I'm trying - day three and so far so good.
Nobody maimed, killed, or exiled.

Still - got to get till ten tonight. Today has been the first day that really hit me.

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