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Diet mind games - how do you get back on track?

Why is it that, no matter how illogical it is, even if you know that you’re going to hate the repercussions, sometimes you still start eating anyway? Why is it that you can stick to CD for days on end, find that grim determination to keep drinking water rather than give in – and then in the space of an hour, go from diet hero to zero? That suddenly you can justify eating, when you’ve done everything in your power for nearly a fortnight to justify not eating? :confused:

How is it that you can manage to persuade yourself that it won’t matter, that it won’t do too much damage because tomorrow, you promise yourself, you’ll jump straight back on the diet and within a day or so it’ll be as though nothing ever happened? Well, I suppose because that last one’s actually true. If you can actually follow through with that promise you made to yourself. And that’s the tough part. Because the following day, the self-loathing sets in. The voices in your head start telling you how stupid you were, how you won’t manage to get back on track that easily, and what the hell, why not carry on eating, cos you’re a sad loser?

I really want to get to the stage that if I have a diet blip, I can just put it behind me. How do you learn to draw that ‘line underneath’ that everyone tells you about – when all you can hear in your head is that little voice telling you you’re stupid? Why does it nearly always take me several days – not just one day – to stop listening to it?

I’ve deliberately not mentioned what I ate – cos I think it’s pretty self-explanatory that I ate plenty of stuff I shouldn’t and the details don’t really matter here.

But how does everyone pick themselves up again? Why is it that the first time I did CD, I managed 6 months without falling off the wagon – and now I can’t manage to do more than a fortnight?
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Hmmmm not sure if im the best one to answer this being honest as i allow myself to be normal every now and then.... as in food every day (im ss+) plus for example last night i ate a cola bottle...just the one :D it was lovely but i never feel guilty? ..like ever?? maybe that helps..and i go straight back into it with full gusto.

I think if i had been on 3 packs SS from the start...i would have fallen off the wagon months ago!!! big time!

The fact i allow myself little things every now and then (and i DO mean seldom!!!) .. for me...helps me stay on track.
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my first two weeks I was very like that, and because I had eaten something it wouldnt really make any difference if I ate something else (I was a total binge eater before and still have that in my nature) oh and the fact that I lost so much my first week In my head I kept telling myself I wasnt going to gain all that back so it wouldnt matter, but by picking all the time i was hungry all the time, then on week 3 something clicked and I passed the hungry bit, I still have days where i am soooo tempted to eat (like lastnight with the popcorn) but the fear of being hungry for days or maybe even weeks while i get back on track is what is keeping me on the straight and narrow xx
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Its the illogical world of CD where we are triained to diet, it is weird though, I did this so much when I first dieted, even talked myself into having a break etc, well that went well took me ages to get back with it, now a blip is a friday night ceasar salad and i dont feel guility cos its a planned weekend thing, rest of the week I SS and now im having my blip then.

Mrs Taurus

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I have planned days off,and allow myself a white coffee if we go out at the weekend. I don't panic about breaking ketosis,because I think whether I'm in it or not will lose weight due to number of calories consumed.
However before I got onto cd I was a one slip up, beat myself up and bin the diet woman....hence the need to get on cd. Hope you can pick yourself up and feel better very soon. x
Well, I guess that might be some sort of solution. I think, probably in common with most folks, weekends are my hardest time.

I know if you swap between Sole Source and Sole Source Plus you're supposed to do it for a week at a time. But would it work to do SS+ at weekends (if I needed to, that is) as a permitted 'blip', like Witchy said? Or would my 'guilt chip' still switch on and tell me I'd somehow cheated?

I had a bit of a lightbulb moment earlier after posting, actually. Funny how just writing it all down can help sometimes, isn't it? That thing about it always taking more than one day to get over a blip? That's more than likely to end up in self-fulfilling prophecy, isn't it? Maybe I need to prove to myself that I can get over a blip by getting back on track the next day - break that vicious cycle.

So far, I've had nothing but a CD bar. I'm gonna try my hardest to try and stick to a CD day today - just to prove to myself I can do it. Or am I just setting myself up to fail?

Grr... See what I mean about mind games? :sigh:
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I think suzie... CD is hard at the best of times for most people. In a way its the hardest and easiest diet ive ever done... weight watchers (to me) is a pain in the a$$ :D counting points...well i lose track during the day.. i can manage 4 packs.... simples :D

Being able to not beat yourself up over a piece of food is not an easy thing to do... its all about mind set (mind games?) i just KNOW that for example my one cola bottle will not damage my weight loss this week...because i can STICK to the one.... but i know before CD it would have been a huge handfull!!

I keep saying this...but i have huge respect for anyone that does this 100% no blips/nibbles/picks.. its amazing!
im hoping to learn how do just this on my CD journey! That a one off naughty meal or treat shouldnt then write the whole day off and turn into a week long and then a month-long binge!
Hmm, well I didn't quite make it - though I didn't go on an all-out binge today so I guess that's something. Maybe I'll have to take baby steps, LOL. Learn that I can climb back on the wagon after 2 days (and work on getting it to 'the next day' another time :))

But yes, I guess that's what this is all about. No matter what diet I'm on - or if I'm maintaining - that if I eat too much, it doesn't mean all is lost. I've got to try to change that mind set somewhow, but I s'pose it's quite deeply embedded in my brain - I've been on and off diets since I was twelve - which is nearly twenty-eight years of yo-yo dieting... :eek:

I know it's fixable - because there are people here on Minimins who've done it - who are doing it, living it. I was so full of it, when I did CD the first time, couldn't understand why people cheated, thought I'd got my head sorted, thought that somehow I'd find it fairly easy to manage my food intake after months of having nothing but bars and shakes...

It's been said before, but it's worth saying again. Dieting is the easy bit, isn't it? It's how you cope when you come off the diet that's the really tricky part.

I'll keep trying... :D


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Hi suzie

Unfortunately I have to be 'all or nothing' and today I mark 13 weeks of following CD without any blips (I do 4 packs a day, couldn't be happy on 3).
Not sure of any advice to give, I just know that this time I feel very motivated to succeed - for all kinds of reasons, to get into my clothes - most of my wardrobe never worn, would like my parents now in their 80's to have the reassurance that I can manage my weight, would like to meet nice new fellow etc
I have blipped in the past on Lighterlife and not managed to get back on a diet for months and months. Ideally this will be the very last time that I do a VLCD and I really wish that for all of us, whether its the first or umpteenth time.
So suzie, please join me in trying to make this the time that success is achieved and sustained x


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Grins... 3 weeks and 3 days til my 810 week. My friends are going to cooperate and cook me things!

Suzie - you can do it. I think the key is the guilt - don't have guilt. If you feel guilty about slipping you will slip more and more. If you do what mrsessex says and happily allow yourself ONE of something then it's easier to stick to it. Last night here was a chestnut festival so my friends had brought roast chestnuts. I was wondering whether to suffer all night cos I wanted some or just decide to have one, enjoy it and have done with it. So... I had one, got the urge out of the way and enjoyed the evening.
Good luck. :)

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