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  1. xPrincessx

    xPrincessx Full Member

    i am due to hopefully be starting to go on these in april time, once i've visited the hospital.. i am hoping this works for me, although my doctor did say that if you eat any food which contains alot of fat, then you'll be sick. any suggestions on what could be eaten? to make you feel full?

    nothing seems to be working for me at the moment, i never know what a big portion is, i do eat alot of vegatables though and try to cut out chips/potatoes.. it's nice to see all you people achieving your goals, i'd love to be able to do that!

    and also do diet pills work?
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  3. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    They are more of a placebo really. I assume you are talking about something like Xenical or Orlistat? You can only have foods that are low in fat, if you have too much fat you will be very ill and I have heard stories of people who have 'leaked' whilst out and about. To avoid the nasty side effects you have to stick to a low fat diet but the low fat diet alone will help you lose weight. Similarly, if you stop taking them you can eat high fat again.
  4. dehli

    dehli Silver Member

    Do some research online, I agree with Taz, they have some nasty side effects. And if you eat fat on them, your poo stains the loo! What other diets have you tried? slimming world teaches you to eat low fat low sugar healthy foods and you can eat quite a lot and still lose weight. Good luck whatever you decide.
  5. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    I have a friend who is the same, couldn't stick to diets, so she tried the pills but she soon realised that they were even easier to 'cheat' that a proper diet! I think if you struggle to stick to a diet then pills may not be the way to go. Maybe, like me, you need less restrictions. I always failed at diets because as soon as I was told I couldn't have something I wanted it! I can eat what I like on SW and the boundaries are so wide that it doesn't feel like I am on a diet at all
  6. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z twin banded

    diet pills do work yes, but they are a short term fix, with undesirable side effects, you cant stay on them for life and when you stop taking them most people find they regain the weight they lost plus a little extra, they are worth ago tho, you may be suited to them.
  7. loula

    loula Full Member

    I was prescribed Xenical at my GPs suggestion after a long discussion abuot my weight problems. I took them for 2 days and certainly wouldn't again. I thought that they might act as a deterrant to pig out, knowing that I would have a severe case of the runs if I did. I ate 'fairly' low fat whilst taking them, no binges, but GOOD GRIEF I thought my whole insides were passing through the system! Was so worried about having to go back to work having the permanent runs I did't take any more. I'm starting LL (or RE-starting that should be) on Thursday and the Xenical experience made me realise that hard work and committmet is the only way that will work for me.

    Good luck with whatever path you choose to follow.
    Loula x
  8. Sass

    Sass Silver Member

    I am also on Xenical and i found after 2 weeks i felt really drained and had no energy at all, which i'm assuming was due to the constant visits to the toilet, and yes it seems that even on a low fat diet i'm always in the loo but both my doc and my dietician have advised i try them for a few more months with vitamins.

    I hope they work but as loula said its about your commitment and hard work that will in the end win the race. i know for me i want a quick fix ( even just help with a losing a few stone )
  9. Vesta

    Vesta Member

    If you are going to take diet pills, please be very carefull. I know adverts portray it as this miracle that you just pop into your mouth once a day and the lbs start shedding but i think we all know what the media can do.

    Be careful of the appetite supressing pills such as hoodia. You may feel like wow im not hungry but if you look at the basics you're just starving your body which we know what can happen as a result.
  10. xPrincessx

    xPrincessx Full Member

    sorry for the very delayed reply, i have not been on this for a long while now. i have not started these pills as you might tell, i am still decidin what the best option for me is going to! never thought it would be this tough
  11. joolyliss

    joolyliss Full Member

    I would be wary of pills, make sure you follow instrucyions properly x

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