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I'll admit it, I am a huge fan of diet coke, it just tastes wonderful!
I'm working during the weekend and my mouth is just so dehydrated from LT that when I saw a bottle of Diet Coke belonging to somebody else I picked it up to read the nutritional labels. It has really very little calories in it, and almost none in Coke Zero.
So what do u think guys? Will it affect the LT? On maintenance diet u are allowed diet drinks right? what about LT?
I mean if u are allowed some artificial sweeteners in ur tea or coffee is there a difference with Diet or Coke Zero?
Post ur thoughts.
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It says in the literature no diet drinks etc and on the video. Most drinks have citrus in them which could knock you out of ketosis. Also check the carb levels in them as they too could do damage. Best thing is to leave it well alone until you're on maintenance x
It is the citric acid in the drinks that knocks you out of ketosis. I remember when I did CD a few years ago, we were allowed limited Coke zero or Dr Pepper zero as these did not contain citric acid. Not sure if this is still the case with the drinks, but may be worth checking if you are desperate - better that than breaking the diet with "real coke".
Good luck


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The main reason hun is because the sweet flavour will make you want to eat too. LT is bland for a reason, it's about cleansing your mouth and taste buds, boring i know but true.
When you have a coke your body will automatically think food is coming and will then make you more hungry. It's a big no no i'm afraid. Sorry!
Yeah watch the video on the website it tells ya all about citric
acid in drinks and food and how it will knock you out of ketosis!!!
Just keep sipping water you don't really need a coke it's a
bad bad craving!!!! And the caffeine is addictive replace it with green tea and two
sweetners I'm living on it plus the h2o of course :)
Well I have Coke Zero even tho I know your not suppose to I am day 10, I did feel slightly hungrier but it didn't knock me out of Ketosis. The only problem I found was the gasiness of it, did make me feel uncomfortable but it always has. :) if I treat myself to a coke zero it is usually after weigh day as the coke does seem to make you weigh the same it seems to bloat you a bit I am nearly a stone down after 10 days so its up to you really. Aslo apparently they used to allow it on cambridge SS and it made a few people eat so thats why its a no-no now but each person is different, there isn't enough calories to affect weightloss. If you think the taste of something sweet will make you wanna eat then don't have it but I tried it and well it hasn't made me crave food at all.
your not really allowed it but i have read on other ll sites that people do drink coke zero and has no effect on there weight loss at all nd it does not knock you out of ketosis as there is no citrus in it and the carbs are 0 i know you are allowed it on the cd diet so dont see what harm its going to do x


Size 14 here i come!
I am on CD and being allowed coke (any kind) is news to me!! We are not allowed to drink any more than people on LT except we have water flavours.

It isn't allowed for the reason i mentioned above but it's your diet and totally up to you.
each person reacts to foods and drinks differently but I find it doesn't affect me too much at all, I don't crave anything sweet after having a coke zero just crave another coke zero lol :)

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