Diet supplements


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Been on my diet for over two weeks now, just wondered what, if any, dietary supplements people take/took?

I got some cheapo bladderwrack ones from the shop earlier, 60 for like £4 - 3 a day, so im going to try them out and see if there is any difference in my weight loss, or how i feel? But i want something that people have tried and tested, before i go forking out even more £££

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Put simply, none of them actually work.


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bladderwrack or fucus is a duretic great if you retain water like a sponge but any weight you loose on them will be water. Hoodia helps with me though with sw havent felt the need to take them.


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If you are going to take supplements, then spend your money on a multivit and a cod liver oil. Ive taken them every day for 9 months now and im sure thats what has kept my hair and skin in relatively good condition whilst ive lost weight.

Its so tempting to fall for the ads, and something like bladderwrack may make you lose a bit of fluid, but its not a long term solution. If these so called diet supplements worked, we would all be thin.

Actually there is one supplement that my doctor recommended, Red Clover, but that was for menopause symptoms as I couldnt get on with HRT, and it really worked. Banished the hot flushes much better than anything else i had tried. Now ive lost weight im cold all the time lol.


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Are you interested in something that might help weight loss..? You could always talk to you're Dr about taking Xenical..or even your pharmacy about alli...They're not little magic pills but they are suppose to help if you diet properly and exercise...


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Xenical is good - Im on that at the moment and its working. (Friend gave me hers...shhhhhhh! lol)

Ive done Alli before, but Xenical is stronger X


S: 22st0lb C: 20st6lb G: 14st12lb Loss: 1st8lb(7.14%)
Last time i spoke to my doctor, he asked me about my weight and i just said i wasn't bothered about it, then he was all "You should be, do it now while you're young and you can do something about it..."

Obviously since then i've decided to act, im dieting, exercising etc, do you think that Xenical is something i can speak to my doctor about, would he mention it or do i ask for it? I really aren't sure how to go about it.

& i know that there is no magic pill etc, but i thought people would have recommendations from the massive list of supplements on offer...


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S: 21st4lb C: 21st4lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
All I hear about the others is they don't work and blah blah blah...I have tried others and they did nothing for me..I asked my Dr about it and she perscribed it with no questions asked..I think he'd deffinately give you them...and they do help. I think they stop you from absorbing a third of the fat you take in..So that helps...and if you're dieting and exercising already...then deffinately...good luck with it.