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Dieting and Polycystic ovaries...


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Hi all

I lost 4 stone by May last yr on calorie counting and stopped taking the pill around that time. Since then i have slowly crept on about half a stone which wont shift. I recently about a month ago stared SW and have managed to lose 3 lbs but a pound has gone back on this week :(

In Jan i was referred for a scan to check my ovaries as i wasnt conceiving and it was found i have small cysts on my ovaries meaning harder to fall pregnant? Im booked in at the GP today as i have heard there are meds they can put you on to help you release the egg each month...

Has anyone else had these problems? Really frustrating when you really want it and theres so many people round you having it happen so easily!
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I've just been diagnosed with that (well kind of, my scan looked ok, but there were some symptoms in my blood test)
I'm now on the pill, and after doing some reasearch, it is harder to lose weight when you have polycystic ovaries, but losing weight will increse fertility, so it's a vicious cycle really


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I know people with the same problem who have done really well on Slimming World, and others who have had slower losses. I suppose it must depend on the person. Sorry, not very helpful!

If you don't mind me asking, what made you go to the GP in first place? I have some PCOS symptoms but I'm not sure if it's worth seeing a doctor.


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I have PCOS and it took us a year to conceive naturally, no meds. Now I would post a longer message here but nap time is calling and I didn't want to read and run.

Theres two boards on here you may find useful one is PCOS board and maybe the TTC board? Have a wee gander I know there's a good few threads on there about PCOS, weight loss and conception.



S: 13st3lb C: 9st10lb G: 8st7lb Loss: 3st7lb(26.49%)
I went to GP as periods have become more or less non existant. Came off the pill and they gradually disappeared. Went nack to GP Tue and he had a long chat with me explaining things more, it now turns out i dont have PCOS cos he said you can tell someone wi that a mile off and to look at me i dont have it, not to the extent of it being a problem anyway.
I spoke to GP about stuff and he basically said, im not having periods so im not releasing an egg so fertility is a major issue here. I have been trying now for a yr and just nothing happening. Had bloods done yesterday to check hormones, thyroid and cholesterol. If it doesnt give him the answers he needs then il be referred to specialists.
I am really panicking, i know untilt here is answers i shouldnt but having a baby is something ive never wanted more :(