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dieting,emotions ad goals.

Since ive started this diet my emotions have been everywhere I keep getting really happy then bursting into tears, is this is a common thing for weight loss? anyone else get this?

Also booked a holiday for 4 months time and I really really want 4 more stone gone before then is that achievable? im going with my tiny friends and cant bare the thought of being the fat one again. I want to enjoy my holiday and not spend the whole time feeling self conscious. Oh and the chaffing! I don't want any more chaffing! I know it probably is achievable I think its that I just cant picture myself not being fat!
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I kind of feel that this sort of diet exposes some of our emotions to us. I know for me, that emotions I would previously have eaten my way through I now have to confront / address / feel in a different way. I think in the long term this has been good for me... but didn't always make it easy in the early days.


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I completely agree with cybill. I used to pretend it was actual hunger when infact it wasn't at all. I've felt almost like I've lost a bit of meaning and happiness in my life now i'm not eating... isn't that sad?

I've dropped every addictive habit I had and junk food was the last one, now i'm stuck!!! Where do I put these emotions? xx
Thanks guys, I agree with you both, and cybill, seeing youre losses is so inspiring it urges to keep going. and hannata, im totally with you feeling you have lost some happiness! but then I guess this diet isnt going to be forever and once were at our goals we can eat again (sensibly!)
When I first did a VLCD I cried all the time because I felt like something was missing in my life. This time round I think I knew what to expect, so haven't felt quite as bad, but it does mess around with your emotions. That's probably why people who are depressed or suffering from any mental illnesses shouldn't do it. Hope you feel better soon :)


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...................yes I agree with all of the above. If most of us are honest the food/overeating is an emotional crutch for us, so when you take it away..............how do we not fall and how do we vent those emotions/feelings????? For me the weight coming off was my salvation but you have to get past all the s**t first!!!!!