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Dieting, swimming and going to steam room but put on 4lbs! :(

Hi all

I can't work this one out!!! I weigh 10st 3 and am trying to get down to 9st 7 or less (I'm 5 ft 7 tall).

The strange thing is that I've upped my exercise to swimming 5 times a week for 40 mins. I also go into the steam room afterwards for about 20 mins. I have decreased my eating and yet in the last 2 weeks I have gone from 9stone 13 to 10st 3!!! Why have I put on weight???

I drink a large glass of red wine each night but have always done that so I just can't understand why I've put on weight?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Bumblebee

Try measuring yourself instead - if you are doing a lot of exercise you may be putting on muscle which weighs more. You could still be losing inches by toning up but weigh a little more. That's why the BMI calculations don't work for athletes and body builders - they look really slim but it is all muscle and weighs a lot.

You sound like you have a reallt healthy lifestyle - try and go by how you clothes fit rather than the scales maybe

Good luck

Carol x


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Are you following any particular diet? Sometimes what may seem like a healthy diet may not actually be. It may be as Carolanski suggested and it could just be the increase of exercise. Good luck with it x
I'm not following any particular diet, just want to lose about half a stone, maybe bit more. I eat ryvita for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch and a weight watchers or heinz or Marks and Spencer ready meal in the evening.


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Ready meals can have lots of hidden nasties, they are loaded with salt for preservation. Excess salt can make you retain water.

Have you considered joining a club or doing an online diet like Tesco or The Sun? I think The Sun one is free to join.
That sounds like a really good idea! How much should I aim to lose given my height and weight? I don't want to go too skinny but feel I have at least half a stone to lose.