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Difference between book

I don't quite understand - are you saying there's a discrepancy between the scales weight and your progress on SW's online graph? If you are I'm a bit puzzled as with the online graph you enter your weight loss/gain yourself and there's always an option of editing your weight if you entered it incorrectly the first time...By the way my class is electronic too, but I still have to manually enter my loss/gain figures.
I'm not quite sure what you are saying either! If your class is electronic it wouldn't even matter if the book was wrong as the scales weight goes straight to the computer system.
Probably didn't explain myself properly as I know you can enter your weight on your progress chart yourself.

However, I forgot to get the online password last week so couldn't access the SW site.

Logged on yesterday and my weight for w/c 2/8 was already there but different to what was on the scales and in my book from WI. I assumed the information had been loaded up by SW from the details my C had sent in:confused: Can't think of another explanation.
I don't think the system sends your details to lifeline online as not everyone who goes to SW signs up to this. Not sure how this could happen!

By the way, the password is valid for 2 weeks so if you forget a week you should still be able to get online.
Thats really handy to know that the password is valid for 2 weeks :). Mine did the same on my weight progress for some weird reason. I checked it then went back on and it had gone. I thought it might have been my mind playing tricks on me :0 x


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How odd? My class only went electronic 2/3 weeks ago, but I'm unaware of any link between the E system and our 'your journey'. I mean, if I'm totally honest, I had a 'your journey' long before I joined a class, so there can't be a link, or they'd have known I shouldn't be ther ;)


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Can I offer a suggestion please... perhaps the system has uploaded an estimated weight loss based on your previous entries as no other entry had been made??? Maybe just a thought.
I tempted not to look at it for the next week or two and see if it happens again-lol

As I say I could not have entered my weight for w/c 2/8 as I was away from class the week before and forgot to get my password for w/c 2/8 so couldn't access the SW site.

It's a mystery, it's a mystery -lol

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