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Difference between CD and LL diet


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Hello All,

I am wanting (and going to!!) start a VLC diet - however I am not sure which one to pick - CD or Lighter Life.

Has anyone tried them both - and what is the difference - ie is CD better than LL?

Sorry I am a little confused - but I just want to follow a diet that works!!

Thanks for reading!
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Hi Lady B, I'm no expert but someone I know was on LL and she checked it against my sachets and they contain the same nutrients and calories as CD. With LL you get a counselling session but its weekly cost is much more LL is £60 odd and CD £35-40. I don't know what LL food tastes like but CD does have a very good range and it's quite good. I used to think CD was impossible without counselling but I have to say I believe this forum is an excelent replacement. It is helping me loads talking to all the lovely folk on here. I'm rarely off!
Other than that I'm not sure. But I'm sure ppl who know more than me will reply to you soon. Broxi xxx

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Hiya, LL has group weekly meetings. You stay with your group throughout your journey and there are far less meal choices than on CD. Your CDC is there for you if you need advice and of course this forum is amazing. CD is much cheaper. My friend lost loads of weight on LL however her group completly fell apart and none of them continued till the end working up the programmes.

Good luck xxx


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Hi Broxi,

Thanks for the relpy!! So in the diet itself there is no difference - it is just the counselling!!

I guess for me I know why I have put on weight - I use food to help me feel happy!! But being the size I am doesn't make me happy......

There is also a big cost difference!!

Do you go for a weekly weigh in, and get your packs week by week??


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Hi Sunshine!!

Thanks for that - I guess I will be on this forum quite a bit if I start!!

I really want to start soon, so I can loose a fair bit for the end of July!!

Hi Lady B, I go to my cdc every Tues to get weighed, to buy my stuff and for a chat. I also have been told I could phone her anytime. I don't need to though as I'm on here talking to ppl who are going through the same thing. Have you a lot to lose? If you're not very fat it's probably a bit extreme but if you've a lot to lose it's great as the weight comes off so quickly. Last year I did Slimming World for a year and lost a stone and a half in that year. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking SW it's very enjoyable but the results on CD are amazing. I've lost about 11lbs in under 2 weeks. Some people lose that in 1 week!


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Hi again!!

11 lbs in two weeks - that is amazing!! Well done to you!

I need to loose 2.5 stone at a min. 3 stone would be better - and if I lost 4 stone I would then describe myself as skinny! ha ha!

My BMI is 34 - and if I lost 4 stone would bring me to 24.5 BMI!! Although I might feel a bit too 'thin' for me then! I guess I would be starting at around the same BMI as you!!


My BMI is
Well I do need to lose more than that. If I lost 4 stone I'd still be very curvy but nice. 5 stone and I'd be thin but not too thin. Anyway I'm going for 4 stone. 2 and 1/2 stone isn't bad. You'd lose that in 3 months prob.


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I think 4 stone would be perfect - and I really would like to do that, if I can last that long!!

I think if I lost 2.5 stone, I would feel much happier about myself and hopfully this would spur me on to loose the rest!!

Fingers crossed for both of us!!! I really can't wait to get started - I really want to loose weight now!
When I started I kept telling myself it was just for 2 weeks so that I didn't depress myself by feeling as though it was forever but this site has helped me so much and I now want to continue until I'm slim.
Good luck to you LadyB, It is a hard diet but because of this forum it's bearable. Get started asap!


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Yes - I think I will do the same thing - 3 weeks and that is it!! Then another 3 and another!!

I am sure people like you in the forum will pull me through this!!

I will be phone the local CD person in the morning!! Yipppeee


Keep on trying
I think your head has to be in the right place before you can start this diet. Its a bit like giving up smoking - medical experts suggest you spend at least 10 days before hand thinking and preparing for giving up - and I think its the same with weightloss - it allows you to think of all the reasons why you need/want to change. I am on CD - just at end of day 2 on Sole Source (but been de-carbing all week) and so far so good... will let you know how it goes.. good luck
Good luck to you too schindler. Good luck to us all. We can all do it though! x

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Ooohhhh another thing, my friend on LL, told me that her leader often cancelled the meetings!!!!!! and they still had to pay the full amount!!!! I know that's only one account of course but it would put me off. I was with her a lot when she was on LL so got to know a afir bit about it.On CD, i absolutly love my CDC. She's brilliant. I actually also love the CD food too. There is porridge, shakes which after a couple of weeks you can make into mousse, soups and bars (from week 3) so that all really helps. xxx let us know what which you decide to go for xxxps....i went to post this ages ago and then got carried away booking my Xmas trip....sorry about that x


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Hello All,

I been thinking about doing a VLC diet for while - I seem to loose hope with other diets, as I like results!! I have done really well on the Atkins a few years back - but I ended up with a cold, that I don't think I had the vitiamins to shake off. This then triggered my asthma, and I had a bad attack.

So the reason I like both of these diets is that you have all the right vitamins, and I shouldn't fall pray to any colds!!

I have not done a 'big' shop this week - so I don't have food in the house which will be a big temptation! I am excited about changing my life and changing the way I look. I couldn't sleep very much last night, as I have made the decision to do this!

I brought a whole load of clothes last weekend (Debenhams 20% off) and I am going to be taking them back today...... this is my commitment, as I am hoping they won't fit for long!! The only thing I love is a beautiful brown dress suit - but I suppose I could always get that in a smaller size!

I am going to phoning my CDC this morning!! Sunshine - I would be annoyed if my LL counsellor did that - so I am going to start CD, and thanks for the help!

Schindler - it is day 3 today and I wish you all the best!

I am also wondering about excercise on this diet. I joined my local walking group in Feb, and I really enjoy doing 6 to 11 mile walks. Will this be off the cards when I start CD? I just wonder if I will have enough energy to do the hill walks?

Keep smiling everyone - and thanks for the help!

Good luck LadyB. CD is fantastic. I've lost 2 stones in 6 weeks, so by July you could do the same. Feel much better about myself and into lots of my old clothes.

I like that you see a CDC individually rather than group therapy. Although to be honest have found the threads of here have made me think a lot about my relationship with food.

My advice would be to really look around the forum and the posts relating to how you feel about food. They really do help.

Best of luck x


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Hi Liz - thanks for your words!!

6 weeks and 2 stone - now that is great!! I am around the same in height and wait as your starting point, so I hope I achieve the same loss in the same weeks!

Gosh that would put a smile on my face!!

I am going to watch your progress if that is ok with you - as hopefully your loss will give me something to aim for!!

Course you can, although am changing my CDC so my WI is two days early this week. Hoping for an okay loss all the same.
As long as it's some loss, that's all I care about!


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I have been to see my CDC and I am starting the CD on Thursday! Whoop Whoop!!

I am getting rid of the food in my house right now!!

Thanks for everyone who as posted about this site!

I am so excited, so I hope this will see me through my first day! bx