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Differences in cost??


Chronic dieter!!!
Hi all,
I'm brand new to the CD, first day today and start wasn't great - i threw up the shake!! hope lunch time is better! :D

Anyway, the point of this post is i've been quoted two different prices for the sachets - £1.75 and £1.80, which might not seem a lot but over time i'm sure will make a big difference for someone who has to count all her pennies - just wondering if this is usual? Surely they should all be the same price? Anyone happy to share how much they pay, as i'm thinking that maybe i should shop around....?

Thanks all!
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My CDC charges £1.90 for all products, so it sounds like you're getting a bargain either way!


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I pay £1.85 for all products.
When I did it last time it was £1.80.

They are allowed to charge what they like as self employed so worth shopping around.


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is there a magazine?


Chronic dieter!!!
my new lady regularly texts and emails etc. Also gives me cambridge magazine and cambridge products (like a bag with logo on!!) . It is also a buisness for her so I guess that extra bit of money here and there funds for the little things.
My other lady used to give me products near there use by date in a grotty old manky tesco bag !! ewwww.
This makes me sound like I can 'afford' the extra money. I can't really-I'm flat out broke but have a thing about customer service!!
:D I'm the same - total sucker for good customer service so gonna try my CDC out and see how we go!
Hiya, my CDC charges £1.85 for sachets and £2.00 or bars and Tetras.

I think the CDC's make up their own prices (within reason) for their products.

Good luck with your journey.
My CDC can't be bothered with the math. She usually charges a flat 40 pounds -- whether you take all shakes, soups, tetras, or a mixture with bars and porridges included. She said it all works out in the end, as some want all tetras, some all shakes, and some a mixture.

As I switched from another CDC who was charging 38 pounds -- she gave me that rate. She does it as a job, but she is not just "in it" for the money. She believes in helping people who want to lose weight -- she did the diet herself and lost a lot of weight for her wedding a couple of years ago and is keeping it off.


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