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Different approaches to the dreaded gain

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by RosiePops, 21 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hi All
    I WI this morning to find a small gain- half a kilo/roughly one lb.
    It doesn't sound like a lot but that's approximately what I've been losing each week, so I'm a bit miffed.
    Just wondered what different ways people have of dealing with a gain?
    I've looked through my food diary and had a think about why I might have gained- had a night out on Saturday and a meal out last night which could explain it, though this is out of the ordinary and I have still lost before having done similar.
    I'm (hopefully) not going to go off the rails and write the whole weekend off (though we have a work do tonight) but just wondered if anyone had any helpful ideas.
    Rosie x
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  3. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member

    I've lost just under 2 stone since August, and I gain ALL. THE. TIME. But that's because I don't stick to plan 100% all week every week. I sometimes get a bit peeved with myself, realistically I could have 3 stone or more off by now if I'd stuck at it. But on other hand, I am quite happy to have a meal out with friends or a few drinks with hubby and to have slower losses. I'd be a miserable cow if I didn't do any of that, and would probably be more likely to not maintain my losses.

    So, if I have a gain as a result of a good social life, and it's not more than a pound or two, I'm ok with that as I know I'll get it off again next week and usually a bit more with it.

    Don't write off your weekend though. If you're going out tonight, stick to plan with low syns all day today. Then tomorrow get back on it first thing. I'm cooking curry this afternoon and already have a pork stirfry done. That's my dinners sorted for tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. If I've already made them, I'll quite happily eat them, but if I have to go looking for inspiration on a Saturday... well let's just say it very rarely ends well!
  4. catherine1982

    catherine1982 Member

    well, apart from looking to see what might have caused it, I tend to think after weigh-in that that week is over and done with and start my new week afresh. I used to let it get to me which used to make me comfort eat. it took a bit of practice but i've gradually changed my mindset so that if I do have again, it's not the end of the world and I can put it right. The key is to not let it ruin any of the hard work you've already put it, you've been losing about that each week so you know you will rectify this weeks gain.

    You can totally do this! :winner:!!
  5. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    I'm exactly the same. My losses have been soooo slow... I gain occasionally but have it off the next week. A lot of the time I just maintain. I've basically been at the same weight now (+/- 3lb) since early December but Christmas/holidays/social events/illness/training have thrown a spanner in the works of reducing it further. I think I've done pretty well to actually maintain a consistent weight all things considered. I could have lost more if I'd been 100% but I made the choice to relax a little.

    I think the best thing to do is like others have said... just get straight back on it again. Having a life is important but so is your health. Make healthy choices where and when you can and most importantly, be realistic. If you went out for 3 meals a day for an entire weekend and it wasn't that healthy, you should expect a gain. However, being back on plan for the other 4-5 days will make sure that it doesn't become habit and could possibly reduce the gain.

    I think the longer you follow the plan, the more resillient you become at facing the scales. Sometimes a gain just happens for no reason and the real test is if you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get straight back on plan :)
  6. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Thank you all for your comments!
    It really helps- I do struggle to face the scales, and this is my first gain so felt a bit rubbish about it.
    I think my mindset is slowly changing- im happy to accept that sw is a lifestyle change, and I dont have a "goal" as such, or an event im losing weight for, so this helps a bit too.
    I've made my meal choice for this evening and will stick to it! Ive budgeted some syns for a few glasses of wine and will be straight back on plan tomorrow.
    Thanks again xx
  7. Siggy74

    Siggy74 Silver Member

    I had a gain this morning. 1.5 lbs. I put it down to being star week and being bloated. I know I will lose that and more next week if I am 100% every day. Old habits have been kicking in for me lately and its been hard to not break and eat all the wrong things. Just keep going and dont give up. We will all get there in the end. The big thing for me is planning. If I dont plan my meals/shopping in advance it all goes wrong. If I don't write down what im eating I tend to use it as a free pass to eat what i like and thats never a good thing. Good luck x :D
  8. MaccaMarsh

    MaccaMarsh Full Member

    I had a gain this week too, my first since Christmas. Gutted! I've been around long enough to know that you should look at your weight loss over the course of a month, and that it was probably just fluid, and that if I truly "deserved" a better result then it will show up next week as long as I stick to plan. Yada yada yada - still gutted!

    You can let it beat you and compound the gain by heading off the rails this week, or you can dust yourself off and prove to yourself that you are not a slave to the scales and the positive changes you are making to your lifestyle far outweigh any negative vibes that metal mickey can throw at you! Straight back on the horse is the best way hun, enjoy your meal and your plonk tonight and if it was genuinely undeserved your body will more than likely right itself next week. Good luck!

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