Dinner this evening....


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Hello All,

I hope i am posting this in the right place - I need some advice! I am currently on day 13 of TFR and I have a meal this evening which I am hosting - It has been planned for a while! I am making them Chicken - I just want to know if it would bring me out of ketosis if I had a stirfry (No oil) with a chicken breast, mushrooms, baby corn and onion? I dont want to sit and eat my soup in front of everyone - I am happy to have this and continue with my 3 packets a day from tomorow? Any advice? I also wondered if you can have sugar free jelly or whether that takes you out of ketosis? Questions questions...sorry!

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I wouldnt imagine a small stir fry would do any harm...it is a sensible choice, and youve thought about it and planned it well! As for jelly, im not sure....but think most of them have citric acid. If anything id say strawberry might be your best bet....but double check it xx


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The baby corn might kick you out but every thing else looks great for low carb xx hope you enjoy


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I would be careful about the corn in your stir fry, but everything else should be great. Just go enjoy your meal, dont feel bad about it and pick up again the next day.