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Dipping my toe in...

Hi echo 159

Know it'll be hard, know it'll get easier, and finally KNOW you can do it!!!

You can't do a diet like this half-heartedly, give it your best effort and you reap the benefits of a new slimmer you in no time.

Good luck x
I have about 7 stone to lose, and the wonderful thing is by summer I will have done it. Photo's this year of me on the beach will be good enough to show people, and I wont be the one hiding behind the camera! Whooo! Its hard, there are times when your will power will fail, but keep on going, each day you do it is another day closer to your goal. x
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Welcome to mini's!!! this is the BEST diet forum around ;) :D

You'll lose that weight no bother...really...this diet works!

I started off in May with 8 stones to lose....im now 1 stone and a half away from goal... it can be done...and i was a proper piglet before :D

All the best xxxxxx
Hi Echo

I started today!!! Finding it OK I suppose but I am fidgeting to do something!!!

I must say though, I have found this site so inspiring and supportive!! good luck with it all!!


Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted to say welcome and wish you all the best on your journey. Minis is a great forum and the support through my journey was amazing...
Stick with it and the weight will fall off you!!
Hi Echo, just stick with it and take it a week at a time, it comes off very quick on cd. I started in May and have lost 9st 1lb so although your journey seems long believe me it won't be on this diet and it will change your life forever. Good luck xx.
Just knuckle down and get on with it is the best advice i can give. Get through your first week then after that your laughing. Also seeing the sizes come down so quick helps too...
in 2008b i had my first attempt at CD, i was really commited and i lost 2 1/2st in 6 weeks.

I went from a size 16 to an 8, and friends who hadn't seen me in that time (including my mom) couldn't believe it. And they all wanted to kow how i did it.

I recommended the diet to several friend of differing sizes, and none of them managed to stick to it for more than a day...... like everything, it takes willpower, in shedloads!

But if you do it for the right reasons, and you are focused it can be the easiest diet in the world..... but only if you want it enough.

So good luck on your journey and if you want any extra support or advice feel free to msg me xx
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