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Disappeared this last month in July


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I am back....with a vengence...lost my atkins steam for nearly 3 weeks...but been on track since last Sunday...

and I must admit...ATKINS is the only way to eat for life...

I bought the new book and that has been a savior to the whole disruption I caused last month...why did I waver?? Well, the wieght wasnt't coming of quickly enough for me...People said I was loosing -- but my mind still told me I was still FAT when I saw myself in the mirror...

So I vow now to not listen to the sabatoger personality lurking in my mind -- I have cornered that chatterbox....and I feel great :)

Weigh in yesterday 3 lbs down!!! woohooo:rolleyes:
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Well done Nina & welcome back to Atkins. We all have our wobbles, but if you can see why you did you're well on the way to getting it right. Great Start :D


Carbs are Evil
Welcome back x


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Welcome back Nina,keep that chatterbox locked away.It is very easy to lose sight of what you have achieved when the losses slow,I find taking photos a great way of being able to compare then and now,you can see physical proof of what you have achieved.
Good luck.
lorna x


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thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement !!!!!

thats why I have stuck with minimins so long .... all the members are helpful and cyber friendly!
Hi Nina, welcome back. Slow loss is maintainable loss in my book.


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Hi Nina, welcome back. Slow loss is maintainable loss in my book.

Yes Jim, thank for the encouraging words...I will do this...and stories like yours makes me believe that I too can be a BIG LOSER :)


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Go for it! Nothing to lose except the weight :D
Bren xx

Thanks Bren!!!

I must say -- you look great -- congratulations on your achievement!!!


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How you doing Nina?
Hiya Bren -- thanks for stopping by to check in on me!!

Doing great...I am fasting this month in Ramadan, so I am eating and drinking what I can manage (your stomach shrinks so much) after dusk...The atkins edge definately helps staving off hunger during waking hours...

but I do enjoy a few spring rolls each night (where can I finsd the cab count for these homemade delicacies??)-- and I made atkins friendly lemon curd...so not to fall off the wagon again...

I have so much to lose and some days it feels like I will never get there -- but most days I say I will be there eventually...slow and steady wins the race :)

How did you handle your chatterbox on the hard and challenging days...shes can become so pessimistic at times...
My chatterbox is with me constantly - I try and shut him up (definitely a he! cos he is a pain in the ar*e) by keeping busy and researching atkins friendly alternatives to things I am "fancying". If all else fails a long walk with the dog away from food is the only thing that works - followed by a couple of pints of water when I get home. Exercise seems to be the one thing that stops the hunger when it arrives.
Fasting must be really hard - don't think I could do it as I tend to graze all day - especially at work.
Am really rooting for you - hope you get to where you want to be.
Bren xx

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