Disappointed at week 3 WI (after 2 wks of LL). Support please!

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Spoogs, 25 September 2007 Social URL.

  1. Spoogs

    Spoogs Member

    Lighter Life
    :cry:Hi there
    After my first week of doing LL, I'd lost 10lb (at the week 2 weigh in).
    I have stuck to it rigidly not cheating in any shape or form.

    Yet at the end of week 2 (wk 3 WI) I haven't lost a single lb.

    My TOTM isn't due for 10 days so doubt that is it.

    Wouldn't mind the lack of loss if I'd lapsed, but I haven't so feeling somewhat dispondent right now.

    Any words of wisdom out there???
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  3. iceycold

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    Lighter Life
    It is always disappointing when your result is the lowest in the group. Sorry.
    But you will catch up, you've not cheated, you have to be in ketosis, you have to be burning fat. The scales are just lagging behind, I'm sure everyone on here will tell you the same.
    On the bright side where else would you lose 10lbs in 2 weeks, on a conventional diet?
    How do your clothes feel? Nice and loose I bet.
    Chin up, you're doing everything right, stick with it, you can't fail to lose.
  4. Eileen

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    Slimming world.
    Ive stuck a few times but the week after it always shows up. Stick with it you will get there.Sometimes it can be the water.
  5. rubywoo

    rubywoo Full Member

    Lighter Life
    If you've not cheated and you have stuck to plan then it might be a case of your body just needing to catch up with the rest of you- if that makes sense, I have had a variety of losses every week - the lowest ever being a pound, but I can reassure through personal experience that it most definately is coming off and it will for you too, there is no way it can't if you stick to the packs and your water.

    A lot of women retain water around their TOTM and each of bodies responds differently to LL, I am in a class full of women who all have great losses week after week and my own is a lot less than their's. The most I have ever lost is about 7 pounds in one week and that was the early days.

    Don't give up, you will get there and the weeks where you stay the same or only lose a small amount are normally a pre-cursor for a significant loss the following week or the week after. I know it can be disheartening and LL is certainly not easy but you can do this, you got the through the hard first week - potentially the hardest part of any vlcd.

    Stay positive, up your water intake and look at this as a journey with lots of ups and some downs.

  6. sun

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    you will defintely catch up, you are doing so well, congratulations xxxxxxxxx
  7. Spoogs

    Spoogs Member

    Lighter Life
    Interesting Rubywoo that you say up the water.
    I was wondering if that was the problem as I HAVE been upping the water - most days drinking 5 litres (the most being 5.5 litres). OUt of the 14½ days so far, I've only twice had just 4, every other day has been more.
    However, I was thinking maybe I am drinking too much water..............

    Thanks for all your words of encouragement - I am as determined as ever but it was SO disheartening to not lose a single lb.

    Also, this whole week thing is confusing - it was our weekk 3 session with the week 3 DVD, so consequently the week 3 weigh in but in actual fact, we have only been on it for 2 weeks - our group all started the day after week 1. Does that make sense? So although we were at week 3, it was to weigh for the past 2 weeks
  8. Spoogs

    Spoogs Member

    Lighter Life
    Boy am I happy.

    After losing nothing on the scales last week, at my end of week 3 weigh in last night, I had lost another 9lb which makes 19lbs in total after just 21lb.

    So thanks for all your support of saying it'll work itself out! It certainly has!
  9. Russiandoll

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    That's fab Spoogs! And it helps me too as I've just had a 'zero' result at the end of my third week so there's hope for me yet :)
  10. Paul-Essex

    Paul-Essex New Member

    I lost more than 10lbs in week one, and less than 2lbs in week two. That's pretty much how my weight loss went for the whole 8 weeks - a big loss followed by a small loss. It is quite depressing on the weeks where I had a small loss, especially as other members had consistent losses. But it all added up to the same in the end.
  11. Just Do It

    Just Do It Full Member

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    Wow, Spoogs, CONGRATULATIONs, thats fantastic.

    And well done for sticking with it even though you were disappointed. Hopefully you will be able to manage all those lesser loss weeks now you know that just sticking to it works.

    Well done again
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