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Disappointed :(

Bit disappointed this week as only lost 2lb in my 4th week :( would have expected this to be higher. I'm 100% and have been the whole way through. Drinking about 2.5l a day + fibreclear (which isn't working btw!)
What am I doing wrong? Any tips on how can I can increase the loss?

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Hi I I am not sure if you realised you are not drinking enough hun as the minimum most of us drink is 3 ltr a day some drink 5 ltr but I'm told that 3-4 is what's recommended by lt them selves.

I personally try to drink a 3 ltr jug of water and I add extra water to my shakes aswell. It stops me from retaining fluid x

Is it your time of the month? Some times that will make you retain water, drink a bit more and see how you go. Also if you are only weighed at pharmacy could the clothes you are wearing weigh a lb or so mote than last week? I weigh at home naked 1st thing in the morning after a wer and before a drink because when I get to pharmacy their scales add what's in my tummy/bladder and the weight of my clothes.... But 2.5lb is still a loss so don't be too upset you might lose double next week? Lots of people have lost 1lb one week and then 4 the next it's hard to do but it's worth it if you just hang in for next weigh in and see what happens xxx have a look at everyone elses stats I'm sure you will see others that lost the same some weeks x

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So, you have lost 22lbs in 4 weeks with an average loss of 5.5lbs a week and you are dissapointed???

Come on woman - thats fabulous!!! What other diet can you get results like that?

You cant always have big losses each week which is why its important to look at the overall picture.
If your on fibre clear i presume the bowels are being a bit sluggish...you say its not working so maybe once you do a number 2 then your losses will return to normal, more fluid will help this ;-) , and as summer said 22lb in 4 weeks!! wow wee xxx
Get real! What do you want? Blood?!


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meow Sandra!! lol!!!

Its easy to be disappointed but pick urself up and keep positive, its a loss at the end of the day!!! i thought i had lost nothing this week and was over the moon when i actually lost 2lbs!!!!! keep up the good work and be positive!!!
My loses havent been anywhere near as much as other peoples week 1 2kg, wk2 2.5 kg and this week only 1.7 kg. But this is still the only diet that has ever worked for me. Im 4 oz off of losing a stone and i am thrilled to bits with it.

I did 10 weeks on tony ferguson and only lost 3.5 kg i was soul destroyed. This is hard but so much better than that.

Be strong and try not to compare urself to others to much, we are all different and equally as fab for changing our lives like this! Be proud x x x
Thanks all, mostly helpful comments (thought this was a support forum Sandra?)

I will increase the water and see what happens there and yes I am probably a bit 'blocked up' too which won't help.
Yes, you are right, putting it into perspective it is a fantastic loss in such a short space of time. It really is amazing how fast you lose and everyone is doing amazingly well.

I guess I am just worried that I will drop to 2lb every week now as with most diets I've done, the weight loss slows down and if that is the case, then it would be below the average 14lb a month that LT state.

I've never done anything like this before and I just wanted to know if that was okay or if I'd got something wrong as I wasn't expecting it to drop like that.

Thank you to everyone for the help and best of luck to you all x

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I don't think sandra was being unsupportive but can see how you took it that way. Both I and sandra are maintaining and trying to lose a few extra lbs and when we see someone complaining at a 2lbs it is frustrating.

If you do drop below the average 14lbs a month its not the end of the world, the average isnt set in stone otherwise lt would be sued left right & centre. The lighter you get the more chance your weight losses will be lower :)
Hi Jewel
You're doing Great girl!! don't panic about what might happen, remember that the initial loss is fluid, so a higher loss is usual, you're getting down to the meat now!!! and every lb off is a plus, i'm new to VLCD too, and wishing my life away waiting for Fridays weigh in,
what you don't loose one week you will the next,
Have a good one, and think long term
hope this makes you feel better...IV GOT STUCK THIS WEEK! lol
i lost 2 stone in 3 weeks but.......
after the big losses iv been having im now over half way through week 4 and i have only lost 1lb.
i am due TOTM and i think that the flapjacks i had this week have bunged me up even though i drank loads of water with them :( so im goining to drink more to try and shift some fluid and hopefully my TOTM will come and go by next week so that i have a better week. i know it can be frustrating (iv done this diet 4 times before and gave up because of thinking its not worth it for such small losses some weeks) but after seeing how others have managed when they stick to it and push past weeks with just 1lb loss it all slots into place and they have huge losses overall some months its more than 14lb some months its less but if they didnt have more than 1 month to compare themselves to they would never have known :) keep coming back and let us know how its going. xx good luck xx


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Think of it like this ...... 1 pack of 8 sausages (454grams) is the equilivant to 1lb in weight. So your loss of 2lbs this week is 16 sausages!

Go to the supermarket and pick up 16sausages see how heavy it is :)
Jewel, sorry sweetheart, I certainly didn't mean to upset you and perhaps I should've put a :D or something next to my post? Certainly I would indeed kill, or sweat blood, to lose a couple of pounds at the moment:sigh:

Anyway, on a more supportive note......you're doing great, this diet is incredibly difficult and you will even have weeks when you stay the same despite being 100% and you will feel totally disheartened and wonder if it's all worth it? But it soooooo is! As long as you stick with it you will carry on losing weight, some weeks wil be better than others and, if you've got quite a lot to lose, then doubtless some months will be better than others too. The stone a month guideline is precisely that, a guideline, cos no two people are the same.....

So, chin(s) up and good luck x

Ps remind me not to post on here after I've drunk half a bottle of wine on a Saturday night......

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