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Disappointing first weigh in

I weighed myself for the first time since starting Slimming World today-I started it properly on Sun 6th.
I only lost 1lb :(
I know it's better than nothing, but just a bit disappointed after reading about everyone's brilliant first week losses *sulks* :cry:
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Slow but sure....
Everybody has different metabolism's - so we all vary in our weight loss, but a 1lb is good, well done to you, and you will probably find that your body will settle down and you will have a bigger loss next week, good luck for that.


I can do this............
But look on the bright side you are one week into your new life!

Im sure that next week you will end up with a better loss! But bear in mind 1lb loss is still a loss, better on than off!
i only lost one and a half on my first week and i too was gutted! one man lost 6 and a half so I felt doubly rubbish!
But the following week i lost 2 which i think is great! so maybe you'll have a bigger loss next time too. Stick at it! oh, and look up what a pound of fat looks like too. That'll motivate you!! xx
I too only lost a 1lb last week and was gutted. Everyone in the group were great though and there were quite a few who had had slow first weeks.

Have to wait until Thursday to see how I have got on this week!
A pound is about a bag of sugar I think if you hold that in one hand it weighs quite a bit.

Having said that, on a previous start I lost one pound in the first week but made up for it on the second - although everyone is different you may have a bigger loss next week, but even if you don't it is a downwards move and that is the main thing.



Mad old Bat with Attitude
Sometimes your body is so shocked that it has trouble readjusting! That's when it holds on to everything it's got, including water. Keep going and you will soon see the losses mount up! And no! You weren't silly to post about this, just the opposite! You might have given up at the first hurdle if you hadn't!
Thank you for that Judi :)
Another reason I can sort of think of is that I've managed to lose a bit of weight through eating more healthily and exercising quite a bit (before the shoulder pain started again) recently, just thinking that that may have an effect on weight loss?

But yup, I am definitely going to stick to it. My original goal was to lose 1lb per week over the next year anyway, so I shouldn't be so sulky :eek:
I agree with all the others posts. There is nothing more that I could add, other than well done for your loss and stick at it...it will come off Hun. Your body is adjusting to the different food.

The thing is, this food is pretty much what I eat anyway. I mainly eat veggie foods, but very occasionally have fish or poultry. So it really shouldn't be such a shock to my system. I'm just eating less of the bad stuff and more of the good *is confused* Ah well, will just have to keep going and see what happens :D

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