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Disappointing week 6 WI....

Well the title says it all as I had my 6th WI yesterday and only lost 2lbs boo hoo!

On the plus side I have also lost another 4 inches bringing the total to a 24 inch loss.

Is all my own fault though as have been pre-occupied with a very poorly baby since thursday so haven't really drank enough water,Am proud I didn't eat anything though so i suppose it's not all bad.

Well done to everyones elses losses,you're all fab!!
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You have done absolutely fine, particularly with the additional worries that you have had this week looking after the little one.
Two pounds of rotten fat gone forever, eh?
I know that we all crave a big loss and its hard when it doesn't happen, but now you can up the water and look forward to your next weigh-in slimwanabe, good luck x
well done hun its still another loss and youve lost another 4 inchs too, thats fab!!!! x
Thanks girlies,still struggling with the water intake. Think it's because I am sooo cold all the time,just want to drink nice big mugs of coffee and have been having one every other day.
Am actually struggling to sleep now because of how cold I am,is this normal??


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Have you tried a hot water bottle, fleecy pj's and an extra blanket? Not very sexy I know but may help you warm up? Thats my plan for when my hot water bottle hubby is away next week lol!

Well done on your loss, no matter how small, a loss is a loss!

I think being cold is normal but the not sleeping, not sure! Hope you get some nice sleep tonight.

Thanks Stacey,nope still struggling to sleep and have been wearing the winter p.j's and jumper in bed but just find myself shivering. It's the shivering that stops me from sleeping and is driving me mad. Am sat here now still in p.j's shivering as i'm typing this. My poor hubby is sweating next to me in bed but at least i get all the quilt lol. x
Oh dear slimwannabe

You really are suffering with the 'cold' - I have had the heating on so much - I daren't think about what the gas bill will look like.

Just a thought, forgive me if I'm being silly, but are you drinking decaffeinated coffee as ordinary coffee could be contributing to keeping you awake

In fact, I keep forgetting to buy decaff so I'm on the regular myself and having a mug at bedtime, which I usually avoid x


One day at a time!
Your losses are great - remember that on SS you average a stone per month - you've lost 2st in 6 weeks, blooming amazing! It can be harder though hearing of a lower loss when you're used to great chunks coming off, LOL. Why are you only having coffee every other day? You can have as much black coffee as you like - some people like to have the vanilla shakes hot with added coffee, have you tried that? I have chocolate shakes and tetras hot too - divide each packet in half and top up a mug with boiling water.

Good luck, you are doing fine:)
Thanks Ladies.

Blingbabe i tend to have a coffee when i am working a 12 hr day at the office so caffine is much needed if you get what i mean.

And Minxie i do have a bit of vanilla with my coffee as i use as a milk substitute. Did try black coffee but couldn't stomach it as was horrible!

And i know when i look at the bigger picture that 2stone in 6 weeks is amazing so i shouldn't moan really,was just gutted as just 1 more lb would have brought me below the 14stone mark.

I will however be below the 14stones at WI on wed,and well done to all of you on yr weight losses x

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