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disappointing weigh in after 3 weeks.....

After my 'blip' I have lost 4lbs in 3 weeks?????????

I'm a bit peed off really as I was 100% for the first week, then had my 'blip' on my second week, then 100% after for a week, so thought I would get off any weight I put on??????

Oh well hey ho, keeping my head up! x
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Shut up Ethel
Don't be disappointed DandS! You've lost 38lb in nine weeks. Thats 63 days - more than half a lb a day!

Something that occurs to me; you had great losses in 5 and 6. So perhaps this is a combination of your body catching up with itself and your blip? If you'd lost 2lb in week 7 then that would have been understandable, things often swing wildly like that after a big loss. Nothing in week 8 to account for the blip, and 2lb in week 9 post blip...maybe you even put on in week 8, and have lost more than 2lb in week 9.

Don't beat yourself up, stick with it and it all evens out in the end.
Try and not get disheartened about it, as Lizs pointed out ya have lost 38lbs in 9 weeks which is great and you have had a few huge losses in between. You are probably retaining water and I am sure next week will be just as good. I can understand where you are coming from though but after your little blip ya did get back on the wagon so that in itself is good!! Wishing ya all the best for next week, take care


Please kick my butt!!
come on girl. That blip is over with. look at it as another step on your journey. you and i are both in this for the long haul. as my OH would say "go and have a word with yourself". Stand in the mirror, take a good look at yourself and tell your self "out loud" why your doing this and then that you can do it!!
Sorry for the butt kick but i think you could do with it.


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Does your CDC measure you??


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look at the overall picture, 38lb in 9 weeks is ace, you've done so well overall, keep smiling you're doing really well

Awww, sorry to hear you are disappointed with your loss. BUT (as most of the other peops have pointed out) you have lost 38lbs in nine weeks - is there any other diet that would give you that amount of great weight loss? I think we sometimes think that CD should be a 'miracle' diet and the pounds will consistently drop off, but it doesn't work like that every week. Congratulations on losing 38lbs and for continuing with the diet. We are all in this together xx (hugs)

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