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Dispatches -Truth about your food


Gone fishing
Bother. I missed half of this.

The other half was interesting.

The half I saw talked about thyroid and weight gain, the fat gene and peoples excuses for not being able to lose weight, so thinking they weren't eating as much as they were.

They also talked about the calories in restaurant food.

It seems that a child should have approx 500-600 for a main meal, yet some of the restaurant kiddies meals were as much as 1,300 cals a meal:eek:

They asked adults to pick their menu and many of them picked foods adding up to about 2,500 cals.

More than a whole days food allowance.

It seems that in NY, the larger chains are going to be displaying nutritional info on their menus (including calories)

Anyway...which I'd seen it all. Hope they repeat it (possibly on Catch up on Demand I hope)
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Intuitive Eater
I watched it, I'm a sucker for these programmes!! :rolleyes: Not as good as Jamie's programme last night, but still a real eye opener on eating out and how BAD these foods are. Ladened with fat, salt and sugar. Having seen last night's programme, it isn't the calories that actually bother me now, but the quality of food. Everytime I looked at something fatty or sugary today, I kept seeing the inside of that 25 stone man. I just saw internal body fat. I tell you, it's enough to put you off anything! :D


Gone fishing
Teehee. That belly dancing teaching gave them a run for their money didn't she :D Me thinks she's in denial:sigh:

Oh...and that guys menu equalling over 3,000 cals.

There really isn't anything wrong with going out and enjoying a good meal with too many calories IMO. The problem comes when people do it too often, and also continue to eat their other meals (breakfast, lunch) that day or the next because that's what's always done.

As for the childrens meal....again, they won't come to harm eating too many calories in one meal, but I can see Mum insisting they eat their dinner later on in the day, or eating as much the following day.

It's all in the balance.

I get what you mean about fats and salts. It's good to know what we are putting into our mouths. Our bodies are precious, and we only get one of them. We do have a right to know exactly what we are fuelling them with.


Intuitive Eater
"If I don't have my body, where will I live?".

Our bodies, our lives are so, so precious.

I actually think last night's programme had a big impact on me, but in a positive way. I can't wait to watch the repeat on Sunday and refresh my memory on all that was said.

Re the belly dancer tonight, she was SO in denial! You have to eat less and exercise more. A mars bar and then a few hip wiggles is not going to do it LOL. :D:D


Losing the baby fat
I liked the family they spied on, the ones who hardly ate anything.
Found they were constantly snackin and drinking cider, she said she didnt eat anything till she got home and was filmed buying a sausage roll.

You could tell she drank alot by her skin.

But it is true,we get food amnesia!
I think they knew fine well how much they ate though, they couldnt all be obese by eating one meal a day!
I hope they do a follow up to see how they came on.


Losing the baby fat
LOl janey yeh the belly dancer!!! total denial, she looked annoyed at the doctor didn't she?
It's easier to make excuses than admit to just eating too much.
She seemed upset her metabolism was totally fine, infact better than normal!

Apparantly my mum only had 1 tin of soup a day according to my dad, but he's out most of the day goes to bed early and she goes to bed early morning, like me.

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