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I started Slimmimg World last week and have stuck to it to the letter and I even joined the gym and went four times last week (a lot for me lol) and I have only lost 1.5lb in my first week!! I really was hoping for a 3lb loss as that is how much I have always lost on the first week of other diets! I am currently doing Extra Easy, I am having a mximum of 5 syns a day and I have not cheated once! Has amyone got any tips or advice on what I could do to aid my weight loss? I know 1.5lbs would be good on normal weeks but for my first week I really was hoping for more!
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Wishing and hoping!
when you start exercising you can put weight on, don't worry about it. It is a loss and going in the right direction. It is alwasy best just to be thankful of a loss, rather then putting high expectations on yourself. Because when you do have a high loss it will be a surprise and you feel great for it :)
Thanks for replying! I think I just need to get my head around eating as much free food as I want! I have only ever done Weightwatchers before where everything had points and had to be weighed so I think I am still in the frame of mind that I should not eat to much so I am quite often hungry! Do you limit the amount of free food you eat in a day? I am obsessed with the Syn Free chips but I am just worried that all the potatos will mean I put weight on!
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Don't be disheartened, some people find the following week their body kicks in and it's bigger, some people just find that more than 1lb a week is pushing things. Are you have atleast 1/3 of your plate as superfree food? I did a week of EE and somehow managed to forget that was the plan lol.

Stick with it and eat superfree food whenever you're hungry. :D


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I started like you Craazy but stick with it. I seem to loose 0.5-1lb every week but at least it's coming off, heavens knows how much heavier i would be today if i hadn't started SW. I'm doing EE too. Don't let it get you down, it's a healthy way of eating :)
Thanks for all the nice comments, they are really encouraging! I try my hardest to fill my plate with a 1/3 of superfree food and I only ever snack on superfree fruit so I think I am doing everything right!?!? I am hoping my body has not caught up with my new diet yet so I will persist with it because it is a much easier diet than WW and seems easier to maintain after you have lost your weight as everytime I reached my target on WW I put it all back on because I do not think WW teaches you about healthy eating as much as SW does!


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I agree with swizzle, stick to it and it will work for you, a loss is a loss afterall.

I have always been told that when you start excercising your body goes into shock to begin with as its not used to it. But give it time and you will see the benefits i'm sure.


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It also usually depends on how much you have to lose, the big numbers usually come from the people that have a great deal to lose and who have had to make a considerable change to their dietary habits. 1.5 lbs is a good loss!

Cobweb xx


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I only lost 1lb my first week, it is a bit disheartening but every ounce counts! Have you got very much to lose? sometimes that makes a difference on how much goes the first week
maybe increase your syns!? sounds mad but sometimes it works - speak to your consultant about it?

I think 1.5lbs is fab tho - dont be so down on yourself! :D xxx
some people loose inches quicker than pounds especially if they are exercising more. Good luck you will get there. Don't forget it took time to put it on so if you want to keep it off permanently it should take a steady pace to loose it not a acrash diet. It's like you said you loose quickly on some diets and don't keep it off because your not always taught how to eat healthily. Mind you the WW. non point system(used to be called core but not sure of its current title) was good and healthy but didn't seem to be promoted very well.Every pound counts so go steadily and confidently.
Louise x
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I started SW 2 weeks ago and the first week I lost 2lb, I was very good and expected to lose more, but was pleased I had lost anything because of the huge amount I can eat, this week I stuck to plan but ate more syns, sometimes reaching my 15 syns a day and on Saturday had a MacDonalds Strawberry Sundae, Lamb Rogan Josh from the takeaway (cooked my own boiled rice) and a bottle of wine (it is my birthday tomorrow and had my birthday meal on Saturday), this came to 29.5 syns so didn't eat any on Sunday to make up for it and ended up losing 4lb today, so super pleased with that. Dont worry, and if you are hungry up your food, I eat until I am full at each meal and I am still losing weight and I dont have tons to lose, less than 1.5 stone.
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Thanks I have put on 16lb since that was taken so on a mission to lose it again.... lol I found it very hard to maintain but I think SW is going to be the way to lose the weight and keep it off....


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You have to eat to lose on this plan! Make sure you really are eating plenty of free and superfree foods - so that you're comfortable and not stuffed though. Also, I would try increasing your syns. I find I lose more when I have between 10 and 15 a day. It also gives you something to cut back on when you really do get stuck and aren't losing at all!

Well done on 1.5lbs :D:D


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Did you come straight from WW? If so then you would have been eating healthily anyway and so wouldn't be likely to see a big weight loss. The people who lose the most are (no offence intended to anyone here who had a big loss) those people whose diet was bad to start with and the change to SW eating is a big shock to the system. As said above, make sure you are drinking enough water to support your increased activity levels - an extra large glass of water for every half of exercise as a rough guide. If you're not drinking enough then your body can retain fluid when you are new to exercise.

Well done on your loss!

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