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Distractions on my day off??


starting over
Yikes, my first day over without too much suffering but I did feel quite hungry a couple of times and got through it by being very busy at work. Unfortunately I have a day off tomorrow - does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the hunger pangs at bay or any distractions to keep my focus off food? Thanks guys, D xx
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Well, what were you planning on doing with your day off? As long as you keep busy at whatever that is, you'll be absolutely fine :)

Nothing to do? Go for a walk or a swim... I do stuff around the house when I have nothing else to do (as I'm lazy most of the time and there's always stuff that needs doing). Or depending on your circumstances, you can always distract yourself with some male company....


Playing the Angel
Lets, see, my tricks for distraciton - clean, thats a good one, read a good book, do little facials, manis and pedis, plan your new wardrobe (i made a mood board, cut things from magazines that I planned on wearing when I was thin) Go for a walk etc etc, Anything that keeps you busy and focussed :)

Good Luck



starting over
Thanks both Js, you're absolutely right - life must go on even though I am dieting (and there is always plenty of housework to be done)! Unfortunately I have the day off to study and with me books and food go hand in hand (umm - got myself a strange mental image there!) I'll need to find a new habit that goes with reading, am I allowed to chew my fingernails?
when i was off and struggling id be on here reading diaries to keep me motivated. when ur struggling, just pop on for 10mins. takes the cravings away. xx
Try studying in a library - not a food friendly place - will be absolutely ideal!


starting over
Great ideas thanks (tho I won't be back on the weed after kicking the habit 20 yrs ago!)

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