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  1. wannabeminime

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    In December i got down to 13st 6lb. Since then i faffed around and now weigh 14st 2lb as of this morning. But something wierd has been happening, the weight gain has not gone back on where it came from! It's all gone on my belly! I had lost alot off my boobs, but they have remained the same during the weight gain. Has anyone else noticed this? That a gain doesnt go back where it came from? Any idea why?
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    No idea why!!!!

    I went down to 11.3 this time last year and was in a size 12/14.
    Now I'm back up to 13.8 and in a 14/16 - but I was lighter when I was in 14/16 last time round.

    Our bodies do crazy things!!!
  4. SP30

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    I've heard people say that you loose it from the top down and gain it from the bottom up.

    So maybe it is a last out, first back in thing.

    I've lost about 3½ stone and it's come off fairly evenly but there was always more on my bottom half.

    A bummer it is, perhaps it is a girl thing.
  5. Karen1972

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    Hmmm i've been thinking about this recently too... I think my weight distribution has changed too... I think i'm much thicker waisted than when i was this weight last time round... i know i'm 20lbs over target but it feels like a lot more!! I'm reserving judgment until i get to my goal weight again and fit back into my size 10's!
  6. wannabeminime

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    It's really annoying! Even when big, i always had a good waist! Now i am in danger of loosing it whenever i gain a few pounds!:mad:
  7. Mini

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    I have noticed that when I regained the weight that I was balanced this time....my top and bottom are now the same size in clothes for the first time ever!!!

    Usually my top was always the biggest while at my fattest and when I was slim in the 'old days' my bottom was the biggest!

    This is the first time in my life I have been even:rolleyes:

    Love Mini xxx
  8. NooNoo1970

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    I can so relate to you on this!

    I lost 3st 3 last yr and got down to a size 16, (i am only 5ft 2" and very apple shape) bought my size 14/16 wedding dress at the end of sept and it fitted fine, bit snug at the back but nothing a few weeks on ss-ing wouldnt have sorted out!

    Anyway, I stopped ss last yr..after buying the dress....I gradually gained 2 stone!:cry: I am now back on track again and have so far lost 17lb:) and back down to 12.7(well 12.3 by my scales now) tried on the dress last weekend and OMG....it was sooooo snug on me.....the weight has obviously gone on all the different/wrong places!!

    I am the same as wannabeminime and the weight hasnt come off my boobs this time...which is a shame on my behalf, but OH isnt too bothered:p .

    The other thing is that I feel alot bigger and less satisfied with the weight that I am this time. I started at 14.6 back in april and by the time I had lost 2st I was over the moon....now I see it in a different way and still see what I have got to loose rather than how far I have come!! we are just never satisfied are we!!!!!!!

    anyway we will all be nice and slim for the summer.........just keep on at it and never gove it up!!

    hugs to all Lou X
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