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  1. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    Hello All....

    Decided that I really must dedicate myself to regular exercise again....no excuses...so....

    I will be trying to walk at least 20 miles each week. I will be wearing a pedometer to track my miles...

    These will be proper walking workouts, no popping the pedometer on while walking around the shops !!! Hehehe !!!

    I will be walking outside and also using my trusty (please bloody use me more or I'll go rusty ) Treadmill....

    So care to join me??? Going to walk off this big bum and tum.....

    Diva x
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  3. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    UPDATE !!! Yay, hit my target of 20.2 miles !!! Second week begins tomorrow....let's hope I can keep it up !!!!

    Diva x
  4. Laineymcd

    Laineymcd Full Member

    Well done to you x
  5. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    Thank you....so the second week starts today !!!
    Wondering will I ever love my Treadmill as much as I love chocolate ????

    Diva x
  6. Laineymcd

    Laineymcd Full Member

    I don't think any of us will ever prefer the treadmill to chocolate but if we want the bar of chocolate without the lbs it's up off the bum's we must get !!!!
    Just wish I could motivate myself to do what ur doing, laziness is an awful thing !!!
    My excuse is I need to lose the weight so i can look good exercising !!!! Lol

    Laineymcd x
  7. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    I know it's a viscious circle isn't it ?? It's taking me such a time to slowly drift down the lbs I just decided that I would start getting fitter,I want to look better, but I want to feel healthy and strong when I get there.
    I can be lazy too, but I need a mini challenge or two just to keep my mind on something else rather than counting calories and fat !!!!
    How much weight are you looking to drop ???

    Diva x
  8. Laineymcd

    Laineymcd Full Member

    Tryin to lose 2st, I can manage the dieting my main problem is the exercise, I'm terrible for making every excuse in the book not to do it, & I know in my heart & soul once I do do it I feel brilliant after it!!!
    So I gonna try your method & set afew ground rules, the only one that can do it is myself !!!
    How bout u much to lose?? How do you find the new plan??

    Laineymcd xxx
  9. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    Well,I'm looking at another 3 stone or so until I hit 12 st, which is where I will decide how much more needs to go. I think it's better to be honest about it then aim for 9st and keep on failing and failing.
    As I'm now older ( and bolder!!! ) I don't think I will go by what the " experts" think I should weigh, but by how I feel and what FITS !!!
    S.A.D stands for....STOPPING eating the crap AND DROPPING the weight with exercise !!!!

    Just wish it was a few weeks down the line so I can actually see if a healthy low fat diet and all this bloody walking is actually shifting the pounds !!!!

    Diva x.

    ( The Impatient !!! )
  10. Laineymcd

    Laineymcd Full Member

    Hang in there, it'll be worth it in the end x
  11. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    WI today,and I lost 5lbs....so I guess my question was answered about if daily exercise and a healthy diet would drop a pound or two off my big bum!!!!
    Haven't been 100% good food wise but DID exercise as if my life depended on it !!!!V Hehehe !
    Going to keep going as I still want to check this week to see if it continues to drop, aiming for 2 lbs this week....

    BYE BYE 15 ST.....DIVA IS WALKING HER WAY DOWN TO 14 ST !!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!!!

    Diva x
  12. Laineymcd

    Laineymcd Full Member

    Ah Hun, well done that is brill, think your giving me motivation to do it now, defiantly when you see results like that, keep up the good work, keep me posted how your gettin on & I promise some day you'll see a msg from sayin I've done a walk LOL :) !!!!!!!
  13. Lp80

    Lp80 Full Member

    Oh wow! Walking 20 miles in a week is awesome! Well done! Might have to set a walking challenge myself now :) x
  14. Zest for Life

    Zest for Life Gold Member

    Well done, keep it up and keep posting your results/miles it does inspire people and I think a few others that read this will join you, especially when we see your results x
  15. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    Come join me on the Walking Side.....we have....er blisters!!!! Hahaha!!
    Thanks for commenting, it is quite a big commitment for me to say I will exercise everyday, though I am human and usually do 6 out of 7 days !!!!
    So far I have done 7 miles as of today...keep telling myself I'm a third of a way there already....come on.....
    Who else is doing this ?? Anyone ??

    Diva x

    P.S Mr Diva says my thighs look a bit slimmer....awww bless him...I look and feel exactly the same !!!! Haha !!
  16. elm

    elm Silver Member

    I'll join you. I want to do atleast 3-4 miles a day.
  17. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    Yay Elm, let's walk every single yukky pound off !!!! You are seeing good weight loss, look at your results !!! When do you plan to walk ? Do you have a Treadmill like me? Do you like walking / exercise ? Do you want me to stop asking soo many questions ?? Sorry ! Haha !
    I am near Philadelphia, and we are expecting more snow this afternoon, so I'm doing a morning outside walk, no one can see my flabby bits under soo many layers, yay! Any leftover miles will be done when I get back later today on my Trusty Treadmill !!!
    Good luck, keep me updated.....

    Diva x
  18. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Hahaha, you can ask me as many questions as you want. I live in Missouri, and its still snowing. Its about 2 inches of snow now. I do have a treadmill, I do like excerise (I have a gym in the basement) but I don't like walking but doing this will help me lose more weight.

    I'll mostly go walk around in the afternoon time, and plan on doing it everyday.

    Good luck to you as well!
  19. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    Wednesday already!! 5 inches of snow overnight so I will be Treadmilling today!! Is that really a word?? Haha!

    Three more days left for this week's challenge......target.....I have you in my sights!!!

    Diva x
  20. Lp80

    Lp80 Full Member

    Okay diva, I am up for the challenge! I will try and walk (or run???!!!) 20 miles a week. I will start tomorrow and start a new thread to track it. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Loops xxx
  21. Viva La Diva

    Viva La Diva A Brit living in the USA

    Ladies and Gentlemen we have another poor Minimin who has found the light !!! Good for you Loops !!! I shall keep an eye on you now, hehe !!! Though you mentioned running !?!? ( gasps !!)

    I wish you miles of luck and NO blisters !!!

    Diva x

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