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Dizziness pls help...


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Ok so for the last few days I have been getting dizzy, my cdc told me to have an apple if it happens or to do ss+, well I didn't have an apple available so I have moved up to ss+ but I have still been getting dizzy every day. It happens when I am using energy ie walking round the shops, mowing the lawn, hoovering so basically every day things.

Its getting slightly worrying as I seem to have no energy at all, its gone 6pm now and I feel like I could go to sleep already, this morning I slept till 9.45am after going to sleep at 10.30pm and I did sleep well, only woke once at about 5am to go to the loo.

I'm seeing my cdc on Tuesday morning so I will ask her advice but thought I would come on here first! I won't be seeing her again for 2 weeks as she is going away, I don't think she will be contactable either so I may be relying on minimins!

What should I do? Carry on and ignore the dizzyness? Move up the plans? Is dizzyness normal? My husband thinks I should stay on ss+ and have a bar a day to nibble if I get dizzy, is this a good idea, will it work?

Any suggestions appreciated...

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The danger is that you could be blaming the CD, when you could have a virus, or ear problem, or any of lots of medical problems that cause dizziness. You've been really tired as well. Maybe it's a bug?
How about checking with your GP or Practice Nurse?
Hope you feel better soon.


Eat to live don't live to eat!
S: 16st4lb C: 14st10lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 1st8lb(9.65%)
Thanks Cathy, I hadn't actually thought of that as I don't feel unwell! I don't want to blame being on a vlcd as I was on ss for 7 weeks last summer with no problems at all, which I suppose is why I am a bit clueless as to what it is! Maybe I will ask the doctor tomorrow when I take my son to his drs appointment, although knowing him he will blame the diet straight away and tell me to come off it! He is not a fan of cd lol!



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I agree with Cathy. Ask doc tomorrow - could be a virus. Ask cdc as well. Take it easy, feet up and if it is a virus, it should pass. Check your water amounts and if you have a thermometer, take your temp.

I would slow it down a bit until u find the cause or feel it has passed. Sounds like that's what your body wants.

Hope you feel better soon. Good luck.


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How's your water intake?? I find I feel dizzy if I don't drink enough. so fr as having no energy - I feel lethargic when I'm not in K? Is there anyway that you could have accidentally knocked yourself out of k whilst on SS+?


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Hiya, ive had the same prob as you but went to my doc on fri and i have a virus which is causing vertigo and tinnitus he told me to stick to the diet but try and drink more water and sit down when it feels worse so it can pass. I was on the diet before for mths so knew it couldnt be that but i would just get it checked just to put ur mind at rest xxx


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i had the same problem feeling dizzy after week 7 i am mixing one of my shakes with millk and the rest of the shakes as usall with water and its helped my dizzy spell
i come to conclusion that 3 shakes is not enough for the body to survive unless you have loads of weight to loose i only have about a stone and a half before i reach me goal and mixing 1 shake with milk has definately helped my dizzy spells it ok for ppl not to say its the diet thats not causing the dizzy spells but personally i think it is the deit that causes the dizzy spells as vlcd are not good in the long term


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im dizzy every day! am on ss and i drink loads of water but can guarantee at least 6 spells of pure dizzyness a day!!

it is worrying!!


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I get dizzy too, but I blame low blood pressure. Before I lost the majority of my weight I had quite high blood pressure and now it's only the low side. The dizziness only usually affects me if I stand up too fast, which is why I'm blaming my BP, I think (diagnosing myself is my specialty) it's postural hypotension. But if you're feeling dizzy most of the time I'd see your doc, for peace of mind.


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i spoke to my CDC about this last week as ive been feeling dizzy a lot and just no energy,wish i could sleep tho. ive been on the 810 plan for a few weeks, im at my lowest weight in years and she suggested i move up to 1000 plan now as im not far from goal anyway so starting 1000 plan today,just think my body needs more calories now, hope it helps or ill be going the docs as well


Eat to live don't live to eat!
S: 16st4lb C: 14st10lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 1st8lb(9.65%)
Thanks guys, nice to know I'm not alone! Don't think its water as I drink quite a lot, 2ltr of plain water thru the day, 2-3 cups of coffee hmm ok maybe 4, and a glass or 2 of fizzy water in the evening! I also don't think I could have knocked myself out of ketosis, I haven't cheated at all and moving up to ss+ shouldn't knock you out of ketosis... hubby says my breath still stinks so am guessing still haliketosis lol!!!

Funnily enough I haven't felt dizzy yet today! I Slept quite well last night and woke feeling quite energised so hopefully that will last! I am in the home straight of the diet, only a stone until I have a bmi of 25 and then I would like to lose 1/2-1 stone on top of that, wherever I fell comfortable to be honest so maybe it is my body telling me to have more?

Yesterday I nibbled cold cooked chicken when I felt dizzy, only up to my ss+ allowance though not more, and it did help a bit. I will see what my weight is tomorrow when I see my cdc and think about moving up to 810 in the next couple of weeks. I would like to get to 11 stone and bmi of 25 first before moving up tho!

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Could it be that you are a little anaemic? I have suffered from that and it does make you tired and a bit dizzy. Easy to rectify with iron once the cause has been found. Usually due to heavy bleeding. Hope it helps. Good luckx

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