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Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy


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Well today I have felt so so Dizzy. Have been doing quite a bit of housework today, scrubbing floors etc and everytime I get up I feel Really lightheaded and have to hold onto something.

I know it's all part and parcel, but I really am hoping that this bit passes quite quickly as I was hoping to get back down the Gym.

I used to go 3 times a week but had to stop due to miscarriage 3 weeks back (was told not to go for 2 weeks after), but am now eager to get back down there. Do you think I should wait a few more weeks?

Thanks x
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I would wait a little longer, hold out for a bit. I was a bit like that today (on day 4) but haven't drunk half as much water as I have been so I think it might be that. Have you been drinking all your water?


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I'm near enough finished my 2nd Litre, so keeping up my water.

I really enjoy going to the Gym as it gives me time to myself away from OH and Kids!
Usually dizziness is due to dehydration so upping your water is a great idea ...:)

As for the gym, if you still wanna go - for the peace! - I would concentrate on resistance exercises (weights) rather than cardiovascular exersise - resistance exercise burns calories over time , whereas cardiovascular will burn calories instantly - leaving you depleted & that can cause lightheadedness too...

Just be aware of how little calories you are having & how many you're gonna burn off....

Hope you feel better soon & good luck! ;)

debs xx

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Oooohhhhh you've got to take your time and just slow down a bit. I have to do this too as i get light headed all the time still and get weak especially when I'm out and about. I also used to do the gym lots and haven't been back since starting cd but hey we have the rest of out lives to exercise :)

Take it easy xxx

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Irishangel that's great advice. Only snag (as I love going proper weights with oh)is, won't doing weights play havic with the scales with the whole muscle weighing more than fat? I know long term you're better to do weights but during CD you still think it's a good idea? thanks........sorry not my thread
Well you do have a very valid point, but as the OP is really wanting to going to the gym, therefore, it'd be best for her to do the weights than the cardiovascular stuff...my answer was individual to her query...:)

As a cdc I dont encourage too much 'gym' exercise at all, I feel walking & swimming is plenty whilst on SS unless you enjoyed a lot of exercise pre-SS...

debs xx


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Hi, I am on week 6 and still suffer with the dizziness. I stick to walking at the moment until my weight comes down a bit more and then hopefully it won't be as bad. Good luck Zoe xx
Sorry to hear about your miscarriage hun.

I'm on week 3 & i still get dizzy. When i was on it before i was dizzy a lot too.
Its certainly not due to me not drinking enough water, as i drink roughly 6 litres a day + a little extra in my shakes.

If you want to go to the gym, then go for it. Only you know how you feel & if you feel well in yourself then go but start off gently.


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Thanks Guys....

Think I may give it a whirl. I'll Just take it easy and not go straight back into what I used to do.

If I feel giddy at any point, then i'll just stop and try again another time. xx

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