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Dizzy spells

Anyone else have dizzy spells? I've been getting them quite regularly for the past week (I'm on week 9). I'm having all my packs, and plenty of water. I'll ask my LLC about it as well but just wondered whether anyone else had experienced this? I just got up from my desk to go to the kitchen to make my soup and almost fainted!
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I have many of these, especially if i get up too fast. The room spins a bit and I feel really unsteady.

Like you I have all my packs, my single meal (I'm on LL Lite) and litres of water and I'm not doing an enormous amount of exercise so I'm not sure whats going on. I just put it down to the lack of calories as I don't have a problem with blood pressure or anything.

I'm starting RTM on Friday, so hopefully it will go away when I get some reall food into me!

Let me know what your LLC says about it.......
Hi girls. Try adding salt to your savoury packs. This generally means your blood pressure is a little low.

Well done so far!!!
Thanks for asking, muppet! Still dizzy from time to time. I think it's usually when i've been trying to do too much, my llc isn't too worried as long as I'm having my bp checked regularly.
as long as your blood pressures fine then fab, my dr was close to pulling me off lighterlife total as every 4wks my blood pressure was lower.... luckily it did rise again so i was in the normal range. i loved the dizzy feeling ( i am a bit strange lol) everytime i was picking a med from the bootom three tiers in dispensary id get a head rush... the bosses in work were worried but i never actually fainted.
ive just returned after a loooooooong birthday celebration. was on total last year so didnt drink or eat at all but as it was my 30th this year i went nuts!! i am now on day 3 and have been in ketosis since yesterday ( first time ive ever went in2 ketosis in day 2). all your stats look amazing. bring it on!!!! xx
Spangly - hope the dizzy spells are getting a bit better, i have to say i'm the same and it's week 9 for me (end of) and this weekend i kept feeling lightheaded if i got up too fast or something! I am hoping my blood pressure will be OK tonight!


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I have to say I have been fine up until now but yesterday in the gym I started to feel really dizzy and lightheaded. I need to take it easy with the exercise I think.
Funnily enough on LL it doesn't work that the more exercise you do the more you lose.
I bet that's what you've been trying to kick start the weight loss again.
on a VLCD the calories you are consuming are just enough to keep you going, especially when you've already lost a considerable amount as you have Magic - the reserves aren't there now.
My advice would be to go lightly on the gym for now and gradually pick it up more again later when you start to re-introduce food. xx


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SB I don't really exercise that much to be honest. I do mostly weights and toning exercises. I've always been quite active so it shouldn't be too much of a shock for my body. I will take it easy for a week or so though and see if that makes any difference.
Thank you for your advice though. You're an amazing support x

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