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Dizzy spells?


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Hi everyone hope you are all well,

Im in my 5th week of LL and I had a funny turn yesterday at work, I came over all dizzy and light headed and nearly fell over, I found I was having to walk whilst leaning against a wall, I have never had this happen before and wondered if anyone else had something similar and knew what it was?
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Hi Lynda

I have only once but that was because I did not have any of my packs all day and by 7pm was feeling odd.
I would go to the dr in week 5 you should be bouncing off the walls with energy.

Are you drinking enough water? Also if you like the taste try peppermint tea, I find it perks me up when I am feeling alittle flat.
Yes, I often get light-headed - mainly if I suddenly get up. It's just one of the side effects - unpleasant but fleeting - and has never made me actually faint.
I had this a few weeks ago before I started dieting and it was an inner ear infection - so it may not actually be the diet at all. I got out of bed and walked into the doorframe and then had to lean against the wall to walk! Bending down was impossible as I couldn't get back up again. If it was a one-off, then maybe it was a blood sugar thing, but if you're feeling like that more often, it's probably worth getting your ears checked. Hope you're feeling better now.



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Thanks, I have been having all my packs and water thats why I could not understand why I was feeling that way. I seen my practise nurse today at the doctors and she advised me to eat something as my blood pressure had become really low, but I dont want to eat again even if it is only for a day or two so im not quite sure what to do really, but thanks for your advice x


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I had dizzy spells and fainting towards the end, which is why I went into RTM a bit early.

If it's your blood pressure, apparently adding a bit of salt to the soups (or drinking the savoury drinks) can help you retain water which reduces them.

Didn't work on me, but mine wasn't caused by low blood pressure.
If you feel you need to add some extra calories as suggested by the nurse, would having an extra packet help - rather then eating something to effect ketosis? Just a thought - I don't know?

As Peridot said, I do get waves of lightheadedness and dizziness. Usually if I suddendly do a lot of bending over or standing up quickly....but it passes. Just be careful it doesn't get worse.

Do look after yourself and keep us posted. :)

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