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Dizzy's diary


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Hi Everyone

I thought it would help me to keep a diary of my lighter life journey, and also a good way for me to say hello to fellow 'lighter lifers'. I have a long history of weight gain and weight loss and have probably lost the same four stone at least five times. In 2006 i had a gastric band and lost 6.5 stone over a year. I kept the weight off but never got to my goal weight. In 2008 my little boy died aged 5 years and i put on two stone. I am now left with nearly four stone to lose. I have tried cambridge before but think i need the support and the counselling. The band was good and i would do it again like a shot, but i believe they only work for a certain period and then your body gets used to the small quantities. My band has also slipped so its now in the wrong place as well.

I got my food packs last night and have had porridge this morning. I am determined but also slightly scared of failure. I will update this diary with how i am doing and feeling and think it might help me. I am 40 this year and want to be at my goal weight by then.

Any way, hello to everyone and i hope to read your diaries and posts soon.

Dizzy xxx
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Hi Dizzy,
My heart goes out to you losing your little one. I cant even begin to imagine what you went through!

You’ve made the first step and I really believe the girls on this forum can get you through this. I was 40 last year and completely understand your goal for then – as they say life begins at 40.

Good luck with your journey and look forward to reading your updates hun

You can do it!!!


Tough But Sexy X
Hi Dizzy, welcome, wow that was a very moving introduction. I am so sorry for your loss, I too couldnt imagine it. x

As for being 40, well yes, life does begin at 40, shame I didnt bother with my weighloss until this year when I am 41, feel like I have wasted a year, sad really! You however have the right attitude, well done!

The first few days can be difficult but stick it out, once you get on the scales at the end of your first week (or mid week if you have a drop in session) you will know it was all worth while.

Stay in touch on her it is full of fantastic people who are very inspirational. Good luck with this week x
Hi Dizzy, so sorry about losing your son, life has been very difficult for you. I hope you find as much support and encouragement as I have on this forum. Good luck for your first week!
Hi dizzy after what youve been thru and come thru this side you can never be a failure as the girls have said this is a fab forum and if yourever stuck post a question and its usually answered really qui
ckly, im at the end of my second week tonight and its flown by to be honest get thru the first few days and you will be fine good luck in your journey xxx karen.


is Magdalicious
Welcome to the friendliest and the most supportive place on the net!
And good luck :)

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Hmm, i posted last night and cant find it!! First day over with, on to the second. Have decided im having porridge 10am, vanilla shake 2pm, chilli 6pm, choc shake 10pm. I really wanted some of the chilli i made for the family last night, it was so weird not tasting it as well.
Day one - mucked out the horse - done, rode for 15 mins - done, walked the dogs for 20 mins - done
Day two - 7.2 mile bike ride - done. muck out horse - , ride for 20 mins - , walk dogs for 2 miles -
This is not unusual exercise for me, i muck out, ride and walk dogs most days but im sure it will help the weight loss - it also keeps me busy. I will update later if i get everything done lol.



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Aw Dizzy I am fellow horse lover, I have 3 beauties lol. My daughter rides 2 of them now(one is too old, he's a pet) due to me being overweight, but it is definately something I want to get back into, although my Daughter has told me that there is not a chance I am getting on my mare again lol x

I find planning the packs like you have throughout the day so much easier to manage. x


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I plan my packs the night before depending on what I have going on the next day. Usually do it as I'm going to bed.
There is a girl who goes to my group and riding her horse was one of her goals. Not sure how much she has lost, but she went out for the first time the other week, and she said she couldn't even describe the feeling it was that great.
You'll get there. It does seem far away, you will lose so much in your 1st weigh on and 1st month that you won't believe it.


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Hi Dizzy,
Thanks for the post! My oh MY you have been through lots! My heart goes out to you.
As mentioned above, this is a safe place with loads of peeps lending support and many interesting journals to view.
Must admit, the first week is the hardest but OH...the reward at the end of it.
Good luck to you! Happy trails ahead, promise
Hi everyone, second day went ok. I did crave food but i know im going to. I am amazed by how much food has dominated my life. If i was going shopping i thought where we would eat lunch, stopping for petrol i would get a drink and chocolate bar, going to mums house the first thing i would do is open the fridge. It feels like im changing everything i know about myself. Im trying to keep telling myself that i have chose this and it is only short term while i learn how to control my eating and make healthy choices. Im keeping myself busy with exercise and stuff which is helping. I checked a ketone stick last night; i know its early but it was a bright pinkish colour. But this morning it wasnt.
Today im having a choc shake, straw shake, veg soup and vanilla shake. Im at the farm most of the day and hacking out on Marney. Then going on a cycle ride and walking the dogs. Busy busy busy.

TBSX - Marney is a 15.3hh throughbred bay gelding. He is gorgeous. We got him last may.x


Tough But Sexy X
Hiya, you sound so much like me (except for exercising lol) all the habits you mentioned I did them too, but to extreme!

The fact you have identified these habits so soon is brilliant it took me a while. The CBT will really help once that gets underway for you as it gives you the tools and mindset that you can deal with each of the situations.

Crackin name Marney, sounds gorgeous! I have Barron who is 13.2hh ex jumper but sooo funny, not really sure what he is actually lol think he might have welsh in him. Charlie who is 14.1hh very pretty boy new forest/thoroughbred and Connie who is 15hh thoroughbred/arab and absolutely stunning, so sweet natured and kind, she looks after Barron because he's old now, bless him! They are all Bay, but various shades lol. When I used to ride there was nothing better than a sunday afternoon in the sun going for a blast to blow all the cobwebs away. Enjoy Marney!! xx

Looking forward to following your journey through your diary, goodluck! x
welcome!!!! good luck with ur Journey xx
Yesterday (day three)went well. I got all my exercise done, plus did even more as we lifted the whole of marneys bed up to lay rubber mats (each mat weighed about 4 stone) and then relayed his bed. I had a lovely hack out on him, cycled then walked the dogs for an hour. I forgot to take a food pack to the farm so i had one at 11am, then 6pm, 7pm, 10pm. I wasnt hungry at all though. Im in ketosis which is good. Im also challenging my negative thoughts when i get them. I cooked a joint of ham yesterday for the family and it looked gorgeous but i resisted. I keep noticing times when i would have picked in the past. My mums and sisters house are the worst cos they always have sweet goodies that i love. At the farm yesterday i would usually eat a pack or two of polos or mint crumbles but i didnt touch any. I also make my hubbies packed lunch at night, and cut bits of the bread of and slather it in butter, or eat the ham/chicken/tuna that i put on it. I always used to say to anyone that listened 'i dont know why im fat i dont eat much'. Im realising that although my meal portions were quite small, i grazed continually throughout the day. I know ive identified alot of these issues but im really hoping that the group sessions give me the tools to cope with these issues.
Quick question for anyone reading this....i started my period yesterday, will that affect my weigh in? Im so tempted to jump on the scales but i know if i havent lost anything then i will be really disheartened. Not long till weigh in on thursday.
Update on food packs -
i had a chilli and really didnt like it
The porridge is growing on me
Love love love vanilla, chocolate and strawberry shakes
Like curry and veg soups
Not so fussed on thai soup but its not inedible.
I tried cooking a shake as a muffin but really didnt like it. As i love them just as shakes at the moment im going to stick to that. I might try mousse this week and some water flavours. So todays menu looks like Porridge 8am, strawberry shake 1pm, Veg soup 6pm, MY FIRST BAR 9PM!
Aww poor you. Mines only usually three days. Weigh in is thurs. I got the peanut crunch and toffee bars. I just want to chew something. Im finding it easier than i though but i am still only on day four. Im taking it one day at a time at the moment.x


Tough But Sexy X
Hi, my dreaded monthly week I lost 3lb which I didnt think was too bad. XX


AKA...the WEEB
Let me know how you liked the peanut crunch bar. Not fussed over the toffee bar but, like you, it is something to chew.
I have nothing to add on the TOM thing, had that out a few years ago and LOVE IT.
well done TBSX.. great loss xx

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